We were doing about
$110,000 a month.
I definitely saw good things
coming in the future for it. Narrator:
However, Jason was quickly
sucked into the party scene,
and away from
managing the business.
I’d drink, like, you know,
four, five, six,
seven beers.
( chuckles ) Hey, can you make
the drinks faster, please? Throw in a couple
of shots here and there. Can we get some
more shots, dude? This bar is ( bleep )
lame as ( bleep ). My name is Scott,
I’m a general manager
at Fort One. Can you give us–
this guy’ll take a shot with us. And we’re trying
to work and he just
parties, parties, parties.I can’t do anything
about that.
I have no control.
My hands are tied. I need you to give table four
a free bottle on me. Yeah.
I’ll figure it out later.When Jason gives
bottles away
we’re not making
any tips on that, we’re not making
any money at all. Congratulations,
you get it. You’re ( bleep )
over all your staff. I like to drink,
I like to meet people and I give away drinks
and I give away bottles.
It happens. You wanna a shot
or something?
On the house. Six more shots.
Cheers. He’s definitely been
gifted this place and that’s part of the reason
why we are where we are. Narrator:
Jason’s careless attitude
has caused a free-for-all.
So this is why I drink.
You want another shot? If he’s drinking at the bar,
the bartender’s like, “Hey, I’ll drink
at the bar, too.” Everyone’s just ( bleep )
hammered 90% of the time. Narrator:The staff
recognizes that Jason
is wasting a golden
We are in an amazing location in the heart of Fisherman’s
Wharf of San Francisco. Scott:There’s a good
5,000-6,000 people
walking by this door
in the summertimeand we’re just
not bringing them in.
Jason’s generosity towards
his customers
leaves his staff empty-handed
and his bar in shambles.
The bar is $200,000 in debt.
In order to keep
this place afloat, my dad has had to sell cars,
like his prized possessions, and some of his houses.
It’s definitely been tough. – What?
– Yeah, it’s just– It’s just–
it’s just tough. I’ll make you
some shots. I’ll go get
you guys some shots.
Do some shots. Anyone else would
be so grateful and work their ass off
to have this. Narrator:
Now in the hopes of being
gifted a remodeled bar,
Jason has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”
Oh, here, let’s just
hand you another chance, and see if you ( bleep )
that up again.