So, Good Morning San Francisco! Hey, I wanted to talk with you about my current
favorite restaurants. I have spent some time researching in the
past 4 months, so I want to share that with you. One thing I love about getting back to the
United States is, bacon! You can’t get good bacon just anywhere. And after my breakfast and don’t get me wrong
vegetarians, it’s really satisfying. So onto the restaurants, there’s a bunch and
I’ll tell you why, currently Tony’s Pizza in North Beach is my
favorite pizza. I went there last night for the first time,
oh my god! Sit at the bar, nice people. Nice conversations, pizza was amazing, best
pizza I’ve had in San Francisco. Really. There’s a little place, Sicilian place well
I’ll have to tell you about that later, cuz I can’t remember the name it starts with A
over in Cow Hollow. Anyway so Tony’s Pizza, US Restaurant my current
Italian, no they’re Sicilian and love those people, I always sit at the bar. Really great house wine, all of the dishes
amazing, pesto pasta, tell Tony I sent you, he’s the son of the owner and then the other
owner I met, Alberto, he was born in Sicily, what a sweetheart, we had a lovely conversation
about me getting a 2nd passport cuz my grandfather was born in Sicily too. I’m gonna work on it. Still haven’t been. I know this light is bright but hey, I just
had to tell you these new findings. Oh Water Bar on the water. Fancy place it’s right under the Bay Bridge,
seafood great, happy hour wonderful, gotta get there before 5:30PM for the dollar oysters
Monday thru Friday. Nice bartenders oh my new discovery: Betty
Lou’s Seafood in North Beach. Love the clam chowder, they also have great
oysters, great Happy Hour. See you can significantly reduce your cost
if you’re going out at early, late afternoon. So it’s before the big rush, plus you don’t
have to stand in line, I never stand in, I don’t do lines for the restaurants, no. I know I’m in San Francisco but hey I’m not
gonna do lines so I like going early and making friends with the staff and the owners lots
of time comes out, they come out, oh and Betty Lou’s it’s two women from Hawaii, how cool
is that? Betty Louise. Once I found that out after 3 times I think
– 2 times at least, I’m gonna be going back, so that’s on Broadway near Columbus. And then let’s see, did i forget anything? Those are my current favorites, oh Naked Fish! That’s over in Marina but I’ve seen that it’s
closed sometimes. Great sushi, oh my, not expensive go during
the Happy Hour, Naked Fish, look it up on Chestnut. That’s all for now. But I love to eat, I did have a cheat day
yesterday. And I ate a whole pizza and guess what they
deliver it to you on these beautiful whats that ceramics, Italian in I forgot anyway,
I ate the whole thing, except for one tiny piece which I had for at nine o’clock when
I brought it home. So, there you have it, my restaurant wrap
up! San Francisco. Love the food – I love eating here. So I’ve been running almost every day to keep
up with my indulgences. Very important otherwise you gain about 100
pounds so you have to stagger your hedonism. Anyway, over and out. Comment below, ask me anything about food
in San Francisco and if I know the answer, I will help you. I just discovered on Thursdays in the financial
district an organic food market, wow, I’ll have to get the exact street that was a big
surprise, check it out. If you put in Farmers Markets Thursday, Financial
District it’ll come up. So, have an amazing day, let me know what
you think about eating food, restaurants, yumminess in the comments, see you in the
next video!