(upbeat music) – Now we’re going to show you
how to light the Salamander. This piece of equipment is
used for browning things on top like french onion
soup or melting cheese. For instance, if you are
doing a dish with say a American-Mexican type style food where you want browned cheese on top. As with any piece of gas
equipment in the kitchen first thing you need to do is make
sure that the gas shut-off valve for the entire kitchen
is engaged and pulled out. (alarm sounding) Then, you need to look behind the machine and make sure that the gas
valve to this particular piece of equipment is lined up the
same direction as the pipe. Next you’re going to a
regular stick lighter, in this case a Scripto,
and find the pilot in here. On this piece of equipment it’s over here on the right hand side. Place your lighter right next to the pilot and you’ll see it go on. Finally, you’re gonna turn
this all the way to high. There’s really only two temperatures for the Salamander, on and off. Turn this all the way to
high and you’ll see that it lights all the way across the top. This machine does take
about 20 minutes to heat up so make sure you give
yourself plenty of time. If you turn it on immediately
before you need it, you’re just not going to
get the results you need. Then you’ll take your food, place it in the machine and you can raise and lower this tray depending on how tall the food is that you’re browning. So, if something’s a french onion soup say in a bowl you wouldn’t
raise it up very high but if you’re melting
cheese on top of toast you might raise it up all the way. When the food is done, pull this down. This tray slides out, be
careful cause you don’t want to spill all over yourself. That’s how you light the Salamander.