according to a detailed proposal seen by
Popular Mechanics Russia is interested in building a luxury hotel in space the
proposed facility would consist of a 2010 15.5 meter long module with 92
cubic meters of pressurized space that had attached to the International Space
Station the Russian hotel would offer four sleeping quarters roughly two cubic
meters each as well as two hygiene and a medical stations of the same volume each
room would feature a porthole window and that even be amenities like exercise
equipment and Wi-Fi for the price there had better be some perks a trip lasting
up to two weeks would sell for a whopping forty million dollars per
person for an additional twenty million dollars
you can stay aboard the space hotel for up to a month and even have the
opportunity to join an astronaut on a spacewalk if you’re looking for a
five-star adventure this clearly sounds worthy of consideration the
International Space Station is scheduled to be retired in 2028 and it is
estimated that it could take at least five years to build the hotel module if
work started right away that had leave just five years or so for the hotel to
generate revenue and pay for itself before you