this is a drill Center finder you can
pick these up on ebay they’re only about six pounds to buy these are very useful
if you ever need to drill down the dead center of a shaft or any round piece of
material. There are several ways to Mark and drill the center in that direction if
you want to drill the center that way the best way of doing that is by using a
bell punch which I have covered in an another video for the sake of spending 6
pound on one of these it is well worth it because these can save you a lot of
time and they are fairly accurate so if you ever need to drill down the center
of anything that is round such as round bar or a piece of tube or a piece of
round wood you can quite easily do it by using one of these obviously you’re
going to need a pillar drill to do this and you do need to ensure that if the
base is movable that it is square to the actual drill bit this will work on
various diameters and I’ve got some bar that is approximately 20 millimeters there
you can see that it will work on that absolutely no problem at all and it will
also work on larger diameter pipe etc so to use this we need to fix it into the
chuck of the pillar drill you can then take your vise place that on there this
example I’m going to drill through this aluminium tube so I’m just going to
clamp that in there ensuring that it is square so that tube is now firmly clamped
in the vise now just need to move that down to the workpiece and you can see
that in the centre there there is a line and the line on the shaft we need to
touch both sides of the center finder and ensure that the line in the center
is aligned with the center above so if I press that down on there you can see that that is actually
perfectly aligned if that was to the side slightly like so you can see that the
two lines are not aligned which is incorrect we need to get those perfectly
aligned once we got it to that position we then know that we are in the exact
center of that tube so I’m just going to tighten up the Vice in that position
to stop it from moving then we’re just going to check that again to ensure that
the vise has not moved and that is still in the correct position we can now undo
the chuck now I’m just going to insert a center drill and that will just ensure
that we get the drill started correctly so I can now put some safety glasses on
we can now start the drill and then we can proceed to drill the
hole you can now remove the center drill we
can then install the drill bit and then we can proceed to drill the hole and I
just like to say thank you to a few people who have been translating the
titles and descriptions for some of my videos, that is really helpful so thanks a
lot to those people who have been doing that Then remove that from the vice you can
see that we are all going all the way through the center of that so for the
sake of spending 6 pound that is a very useful device if you need to drill the
center of any round materials such as a shaft for a machine or anything like that, So I just thought I would take a bit of time out just to show you that it
is a very useful piece of kit for the money I’d like to thank you to watching
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