welcome along to the Rosewood Abu Dhabi hotel this beautiful hotel is situated on Al Maria
island at the core of what I call the fancy part of Abu Dhabi gin Doble we are
in the rosewood hotel in Abu Dhabi today and hotel room is awesome
yes so um this rosewood Abu Dhabi Hotel brings peerless style and service into
the UAE inspired by the glistening Arabian Gulf the ultra luxury hotel
features 154 spacious guestrooms and 35 glorious Suites offering dramatic views
of the Arabian Gulf and the Abu Dhabi skyline all rooms and suites feature
thoughtful amenities such as an iPad with a room navigation system media
center and a 55 inch flat-screen TV this oversized Villeroy and Bosch bathtub and
a pretty easy Egyptian cotton linen each and every accommodation fleets features
floor-to-ceiling windows that brings that beautiful view directly into your
room the vibrancy of the Arabian Gulf is there for everyone to enjoy
it’s a 34 storey tower with a unique interpretation of Middle East
architectural elements with comfortable furnishings warm color palettes and
representative of the region’s rich history and then that beautiful pool area the
pool area provides a surrounding social decking that can be used for outdoor
events cocktail parties fashion shows and creative occasions but let’s be
honest in this beautiful abu dhabi sunshine let’s just soak up some vitamin
D and really enjoy some of these panoramic views these beautiful steel
shaped palm trees are designed for creating a bit of shade in the
unrelenting summer Sun and I think that’s a great addition to this social
area the Roseman hotel is probably one of the better places to stay in downtown
Abu Dhabi you know what it is very cost-effective in comparison to some of
the hotels in this region I think you’ll you’ll agree that the room spec and the
pool and amenities look fantastic the fitness center is a pedigree health and
fitness menu that comes set in rich dark woods with leather accents and offers a
world-class range of modern exercise equipment for cardio workouts and muscle
management as well as a refreshing juice bar please do keep an eye out for future
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video let me know in the comments below what you think would you like to stay
here and what is your favorite hotel to stay out see you in the next video you