Dan is a fucking idiot he told another story about how he doesn’t understand menus every interaction between him and a waitress takes forever. There’s like a ring of confusion where she’s explaining it back to him and he’s not listening (yeah!), trying to mix meals… He once tried to order the Burrito Fajitas or something He was trying to mix it all around He was like, No, no, no… do you want this?” He’s like, “No, no, no!” “Idiot, no! Take the onions out of this” “As well. I don’t want that and I want this with this.” And it got to the point where the waiter was just like, “I’m sorry. I’ve just…” And he walked off! And someone else came And then he told me this story about he went to a McDonald’s and he didn’t understand the menus are vertical columns, so he just read straight across He’s like, ” I want a Big Mac Chicken Legend Sundae.” What did he think that was? In his mind he’s like “That sounds good!” We went out to this restaurant at Mandalay Bay So, we’re ordering food there. Dan is trying to order his food he’s like, “I want scallop, the appetizer, and we want… ahhh.. steak!” There’s no scallop appetizer There’s another dinner. She’s like, “So do you want scallops Or steak?” He ends up ordering two dinners! TWO DINNERS! It’s like someone gets like a tiny little petite, appetizer. Like, “Oh yeah.” He gets a big plate of everything.” To be fair to the waitress, she was very cool and patient with him. Like, “Yeah, alright. Yeah.” Went off and then Dan went to piss The waitress came back And you were like, “He ordered two meals right?” And she was like, “Yeah! I don’t know what the hell that was about!”