I am going to purchase ticket from this shop 1.50 Euro Seems like every metro city’s public transport is crowded in peak hours… be it Delhi or Rome Last metro of my Rome’s trip seems like people don’t wait for the passengers coming out of the metro Its better in Delhi This is the Termini station. You can get a direct train for FCO Airport from here you can even enter into the metro station from here you can even catch a long distance train from here after landing at Fiumicino airport, you will arrive here weather you are coming on a bus or train This is Termini you can get a mobile sim from here or buy public transport card from Tabacchi and thats a super market now I have learnt how to pronounce Italian words This information is for everyone coming to Rome whenever I come to know about anything important i share it with you So I recommend you to watch my full series there might be something important in the last video which you might need in the beginning of your trip so watch my travel series instead of single videos I am sure you’ll get something important in every video Now I am going to purchase Pasta My hostel manager recommended this brand of pasta you can get it in any supermarket i’ve got a job so meet me when you visit Rome next time these are the taxis for airport 48 Euro for FCO 30 Euro for CIA Queue for the airport passengers this is going to the other airport its pronounced as… the bus dropped me at Terminal 3 i have to go to T-1 takes 5 minutes by walk to reach there these are the checkin counters but I am going to the business lounge of Alitalia as they invited me for this flight They offered me to travel business class so i am going to the business lounge for check-in formalities I can see all Alitalia on T1 These counters are for regular passengers i have to go behind this store passengers of Skyteam alliance can also use this lounge even economy passengers can use this lounge you have to pay 45 Euro for that this is for business class passengers the bigger one is after check-in besides doing check-in formalities if you hold a gold card of any SkyTeam member airlines you must have seen the list of members outside the lounge frequent fliers get the gold card so even Gold card holders can use this lounge i have done my formalities taking this bag with me in cabin I never received such hospitality at any airport the lady is giving me a guided tour of the airport she said… this part of the airport is just 1 year old its new… so looking so beautiful you can get almost all big brands here Duty free zone thats business lounge so even gold card members of SkyTeam can access it this is vip lounge you have to buy ‘meet and greet’ package for 500 euros to use this you get an exclusive drawing room this is the toilet exclusive bartender can use video conferencing Spend money and enjoy these facilities Children accompanying business class passengers can use this room 5 Playstations, exclusive toilet so all kids… this is for you if you are a vegetarian like me. you can get many options here many more things…. they told that their kitchen is special they make fresh food they say this is the best part of their lounge he is making a pizza… he is also making something all fresh nothing precooked now I am going to show you something which I require most of the times they made a veg pizza for me Can you recall anything after seeing this train? watch the initial videos of my US series. you will get it its 2:10 pm This is the business class of Alitalia they call it … seats are very comfortable Its a 8-hours long flight i am sure the comfort level will not make me tired i am going to edit a video using this tray table this is the leg space there is a pillow and a blanket hot wet towel i am now relaxed My massage session is ON This is a massage seat their vibration of motors … from thighs to shoulder are so soothing i am now fully reclined dinner time they just served starters main course is yet to come they served… and cutlery going to eat now i have just asked them for pasta they are going to make it fresh i am enjoying their business class hospitality dessert time its 2:40 am We have landed in Delhi i want to thank this gentleman now he was amazing I have reached here after completing immigration and custom formalities just wanted to say you people … Thanks this trip happened because Alitalia invited me so thanks to them but it couldn’t have been possible without your support Alitalia invited me just because of you so a big..big..big..big heartfelt thanks to all of you its time to leave lets meet in Canada