Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and that’s why it’s filled with tourists.. ..a lot of them! This is our take on a short trip to Rome. Waking up early you have the entire city for yourself so you can take it all in You get to enjoy everything with none of the downside of being a tourist It’s like you’re part of a Select Club where for a couple of hours you have the entire city of Rome as your personal playground. By the time your average tourist wakes up you’re already having coffee with a front-row seat to any of the famous landmarks Don’t worry about paying a premium on whatever you’re getting.. enjoying your cappuccino in Piazza Navona is worth every Euro Once the city gets overtaken by tourists we choose to escape it. 20 minutes outside of Rome there’s the little town of Frascati I’m here to drink some wine eat some food and talk about life with someone who’s passionate about what they do Meet Alfredo! a 9th generation winemaker We try to give an additional, special note, to the tradition We want people to come here and relax. It’s good for people coming to enjoy the wine and enjoy the traditional tastes of our land After tour of the winery, we met the chef after cooking for 10 years in France most notably for the last two presidents Chef Luigi decided it was time to get back to his origins so he came back to his hometown we’re joined by their childhood friend Eduardo, who just so happens to be a maestro pianist We drink wine we talk about the past
we talk about the future and how life has a way of bringing people together Italy is about its heritage as much as it is about its people we encourage you to get to know both! It’s time to get back to Rome the great folks at provided us with a brand new 2018 Mercedes S-Class they have an entire fleet of luxury cars and experiences lined up for those looking for that extra touch we also got to know our driver, Marco who shared stories about racing Ferraris when he was younger if you have one day in Rome forget about the emails and just live Because life happens to you while you’re looking down at the screen! so make the most of it! Rome’s the type of city that is overcrowded with opportunity it’s like a living museum combined with an amusement park for your senses Yes, go to the main attractions, but don’t be scared to go outside your comfort zone You’ll be amazed by the trasures you’ll find and the people you’ll meet! by the way, this is the most popular ice-cream joint in Rome because it’s such an international City, it’s roaming with events I mean.. who wouldn’t want to see jay-z and Beyonce perform live so we did that! Before we leave we gotta do one last thing: there’s no way I’m living Rome without eating some PIZZA we’re going to my favorite spot in the city: Baffetto’s it’s not high-end it doesn’t look fancy but they make one hell of a roman pizza Rome is not something you’re gonna check off a list You’re not supposed to ”visit” Rome You have to experience it! learn its story and make it part of your own! as an outro, here’s a pigeon on a statue!