Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko, so I’ve arrived in Rockhampton in Queensland in Australia. And I wanted to show you the accommodation that I’ve been staying for the first week that I’ve been here. Fortunately my work put me up here, which has been fantastic. It’s very central and so handy. But for those of you travellers that might be stopping by in the beef capital of Australia. So I’ve been put in a one-bedroom apartment, but there are various other types of different apartment styles that will suit whatever makeup of people that you have in your party. Some have balconies. So the downside is the Wi-Fi is not that flash. There’s also a swimming pool as well I’m just gonna take you on a small walkthrough. And an oven. Another air con. You able to drink the water here, and they very nicely put it there with the glasses so when you come in all hot and flustered. I don’t think the water tastes that nice in Rockhampton and I have been buying mine. And out to the balcony This is what it looks like through the day, so you can see the river through the gaps. This is the new bridge and birdlife comes that close. I’ve been here a week, and I’ve had a great time. I must say the owners are absolutely fantastic, ask any question and they are beyond helpful! Most people are driving but it is walkable to the CBD from here depending on what time of year you come it will be different. It will be different kinds of heat. And the CBD is right close and as well you can see the access, how close the new bridge is to go over to the north side and out to the beach if you have any questions about this accommodation please put them in the comments below.