Your resume helped you get noticed and that’s cause for a little celebration! Now it’s time to think about preparing for your interview. We want you to succeed through the interview process and beyond so we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of that opportunity. Here are 5 things to help you rock your interview. Number one. Make sure you prepare. Think through the things in your career that make you proud, those shining standout moments, then tie these moments and personal qualities together. Be clear and concise. The key to a good interview is having your story down before you ever walk in the door, which leads me to tip Number Two. Tell your story for each of your proud career moments, develop the story of that moment and your success, then practice telling that story until it sounds like you’re having a conversation with a friend or family member. Paint a complete picture with the story by including a beginning, middle and end. In interviewing language, a complete story is what we call a STAR. Sure the interviewer will ask follow-up questions if you leave something out, but the more you prepare your story the better you’ll be able to showcase your great skills and experience. Number Three. Keep it simple. Make sure the story you are sharing is easy to understand. Think of the best way to tell it without getting bogged down in details or using acronyms. Remember, the person you’re interviewing with may not have the same technical expertise as you, so practice by sharing your stories with someone who isn’t in your field. Do they understand what you are saying? Do they think it is a complete story or STAR? Number Four. Make it relevant. An important lesson for any storyteller is know your audience. You’ve done the research on the company and you’ve studied the job description. That’s great, but to dig a little deeper look at the company values which are usually on their website. At Marriott International, we took this a step further and built what we call competencies. Those are key attributes we look for in people. Tor each competency, be prepared with one or two examples of times when you’ve done this really well. So, let’s get to know them. Being able to work well with others is critical no matter where you work but with the global nature of Marriott’s business, understanding what it is to work as a team is essential. Leadership doesn’t always mean leading others but it certainly can if the role requires it. Leadership also means good decision-making, adapting to change and communicating effectively with others. While this title might be daunting, this competency is really all about how you invest in yourself and others in the organization, to keep the business moving forward, innovating and growing. This is one you already know about. It is the competency focused on your skills and experience. Many people prepare for the interview only in this one area, but don’t forget the other areas too. This competency is about how you get things done. Not just what you accomplished. How you’ve worked with others thought, through and planned your actions, the tools and resources you use to be successful, all are just as important as how you executed the specific steps. Tip Number Five, the most important bit of advice and the one that is most often overlooked, how you tell your story is just as important as the story itself. The more you practice the more natural and easy it will be to share. You may want to consider videotaping yourself. It may feel awkward but playing it back and watching yourself can help you adjust or modify your story and delivery. It’s worth it, in order to feel confident on the big day. We want to help you do your best. We know that by putting you first, we can help you find the unique way that you help put our guests and your colleagues first. So join in, log on, we want to get to know you better.