Hello everyone ‘ Learn 5 expressions a day’ Thank you for studying with the series together. I put it in the card! If you haven’t watched it yet, click the card please. But you know, Today I would like to introduce a Japanese hotel. When it comes to hotels Luxury hotels and Japanese inns There are Japanese style inns, but there are also capsule hotels. The name of hotel that I’m showing today, Weird hotel , weird I’ve taken a video of what kind of hotel I want to show. I arrived in Tokyo at night,
I ate dinner and checked in. One person went to eat dinner. In a Thai restaurant in Hamamatsucho,
Eat pad thai. Does it look delicious? With shrimp and bean sprouts
It was super delicious! I ate a lot. Dessert after pad thai. Coconut milk with tapioca coconut I ate it all. The hotel I’m going to stay tonight is…. It’s a strange hotel. There are robots ! Welcome. Welcome to a strange hotel! Select the language on the touch panel. Let’s go to the room.
Let’s enter the room. Inside There is a mirror Oh, this is rare. There are pots and cups Wifi Hmm? Looks like a refrigerator? but for clothes? a closet? Clothing refresh equipment. There is a window Outside the window, something
nothing. This is a small room. Toilet toilet Bath and toilet Like this, like that. There are shampoo & conditioner. There is a hair dryer. Just like this. Staying alone, about 10,000 yen. I’ll put the hotel site in the description!
I have also participated in events in Tokyo. We are now at the Embassy of Finland. As a Japanese lesson, the embassy. Yes, in English With Asagi chan, a YouTuber It was a water PR event. It’s one of the event of celebrated the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland. Veen Water Delicious water with plenty of oxygen I’ve promoted the youtube channel to the Finnish Ambassador! Thank you for watching! I will also introduce Japanese culture and make daily lessons!