(energetic music) – Hey yo, it’s AO back to you with another game video, whoa. We dropped down from the ceiling. Wow, this is a pretty sweet hotel room. The manager has gone mad. We gotta find a way to get out of here. Hey, lady, where should we go? Don’t go through the door. Oh, I warned her. You think the giant lasers
in front of the door would’ve stopped her, but nope. Some people just never learn. Wow you could jump on the bed. Oh what’s here now? How do I get out there? Can I get there? Let me out. Oh here we go, there we go. Whoa, bathroom. We got the toilet. Oh something little to push. Come on girlie, let’s go. Press this button. Could you watch it first? This is the bathroom. Whoa, things are exploding. I like this bathroom already (laughs). Yeah, come on, we’re going up here. Come on lady. Wait, follow me aw, too late. Oh well she’s lost forever (laughs). Look at this little arena I’m playing. I’m playing escape hotel lobby. Ooby, Obby. Check point. Jackpot. Whoa, you might want to get this fixed. I’m gonna knock on this door. Oh, can’t go in that one. I wanna go in one of these rooms. I wanna jump on the bed. And I probably want to warn people that you know watch your first step when you come out of the hotel room. You’re gonna be really floored. Well actually you’re not
’cause there is no floor. Well here we go, jump, yes. Wait, can I go in here? Hey, housekeeping. Do you want me to fart on your pillow? It’s a free service
that I provide (laughs). I work here, I’m the best hotel worker. Alright, lasers on the
floor, I like it, I like it. You know sometimes when
you’re in your hotel room and you’re trying to sleep
and there’s people out running in the hallway
and you’re like hey, be quiet, well here,
there’s lasers on the floor. You don’t gotta worry about it. Oh I can’t pick up the hammer. I wanna pick up the
hammer for hammer time. Come on. I’m going out here. Whoa, hey I escaped. Well that was easy. Whoa, orange booty. You guys got a good view. Hey, what are these smokes? This whole place is going
up in smokes (laughs). Okay keep on going. Look at this guy. Hey, how’s it going Dennis? ♪ Pogo on your head,
pogo on your head, yeah ♪ This is a fun game. Who needs doors? (laughs) Yeah I chose my own way to go. Wait, how are we gonna get down from here? I don’t know. You worry about how you’re
gonna get down from here. I’m gonna sun myself a little bit. I wanna get that orange glow (laughs). Alright, I suppose I should keep going. I hope whoever touched this
button right here before me washed their hands. Wow, water you thinking. That’s a real drain on society. Ooh, where are we going? Oh boy, is this safe? Okay, it’s cool. I just fell like a mile, that’s all. These components look like they might be, they might be important so should I really be jumping around on them? Oh and lasers too, nice. Hop to it, get your butt into it. Hop to it, get your orange into it. Whoa, where am I supposed to go from here? Can I make that jump? I better can, yeah. It was really deceiving. I thought the platform was farther away than it actually was. Oh you wanna be friends, huh? Okay, we’re friends. All this stuff looks
really really important. Whoa ( babbles) No, into the toxic waste. Why is there toxic waste in a hotel? Why am I asking stupid questions? Of course there’s toxic waste in a hotel. Who wouldn’t have toxic
waste in a hotel, right? I mean this thing looks
like a nuclear reactor, a time machine or something. It’s huge. Why do these platforms keep
having to do that, jeez? Oh hey buddy, how’s it going? Migueladan Mendoza. How you doing, buddy? You’ trying to escape the hotel too? Follow me, I know the right way to go. (Annoying Orange babbles) I hate when those platforms do that. We got shaky shakes. Ah, platforms got shaky shakes, guys. Follow me, I know where I’m going. Oh well. Okay now where am I supposed to go? Am I supposed to jump on those pipes? Whoa, this ain’t nothing but a pipe dream. Oh whoa, that was close. Whoa, it’s kind of on my toenails. Whoa, I can’t believe I’m
actually making these jumps. Geronimo, whoa. I am Superman. Superman with a super tan (laughs). Looking good, right? Oh, Miguel you died. Oh yeah this looks safe to climb into. If this makes me grow
tentacles out of my behind, I’m gonna be angry. Whoa, well that was crazy. Lady, ahh, she’s stuck in
the rock like Excalibur. I’ll pull you out. I am the chosen one. Come back here, we’re racing. Come back. Hot lava, hot lava, hot lava, yeah. Toasty buns for you. Oh, toasty buns for me too. Hurray! Everybody loves some hot lava toasty buns. This is the craziest hotel ever. It’s got hot lava in it. I totally wanna stay at this hotel. Where is this located? Do you guys have any idea? I definitely want to stay here. Yeah buddy. Come on buddy, you can make it. Oh no, they fell in the hot lava again. ♪ I don’t want to work ♪ ♪ I just want to jump
over toxic waste all day ♪ ♪ Hurray ♪ I’m good at it too. I’m an expert. If jumping over toxic
waste was an Olympic event, I’d get a gold medal. Yeah. Going up sir? Yeah and then the platform’s
going into my booty. Oh, don’t touch me. No, yay. When you fall off a platform
at 1,000 feet, at least, landing in hot lava,
that’s a consolation prize. Alright, let’s kick it in the pants. Oh yeah, I got those jumping skills guys. Guess we’re going up. Oh goodbye hot lava waterfalls. I guess they wouldn’t be
waterfalls, would they? They’d just be hot lava falls. I’m silly. Oh man, hot lava falls are pretty hot. Looks like it’s high time for climb time. I’m good, whoa. What happened? Why am I standing in toxic waste again? Aw, I’m going to grow tentacles
on my butt, I know it. It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be weird. Oh no, I didn’t do it. I didn’t touch it, I jumped over it. Oh toxic waste. I didn’t want tentacle butt. Whoa yeah there we go. That’s how you do it. You put your back into it, guys. That’s what you do. So if you want to escape from somewhere, where would you escape from? I mean like would you escape from the zoo? Maybe the doctor or maybe the opera. Ooh, yuck. Oh yeah. Am I not just back? I am. What the? I’m back at the hotel again. Ooh, that’s a creepy looking wall. Oh now he’s happy. Get that weird look. I wanna get in that room. Aw, what a crushing defeat (laughs). Orange pancakes, who wants some? Don’t eat me, I’m not delicious. Oh there we go. He’s sticking his tongue out. Oh I can do that too. (Orange babbles) Oh checkpoint. I can’t go in any of these rooms. I wanna fart on their beds. That’s a free service that I offer. I don’t understand why nobody wants to be fated on, or on their bed. I think ti’s a great idea. Whoa what? Hey, I thought I made that jump. Let me try this one more time. Hey come on (babbles). What is this? What am I in? Am I sinking in Kool-Aid? Ah, delicious. Ooh, cherry Kool-Aid. What the space sauce is going on here? Come on, I can’t get up there. (Orange laughs) I love vibrating on platforms. Yes, I did it, okay. I had to switch up the angle. That’s what it was. This is tough, actually. There we go, going up, going up. Yes, stairs cannot contain me. You can’t stop me. There we go. I gotta say, this is the best hotel ever. I would totally stay at this hotel. Whoa it’s like that maze thing where you can’t touch the side. Slowly, slowly (laughs). Oh no, now I got a tentacle behind. Tell ya, toxic waste. You touch it and then tentacles
come out of your behind. That’s no good. ♪ Tentacle butt ♪ ♪ You got tentacle butt ♪ I mean not you guys, me ’cause
I got that toxic waste on me. I’m gonna try to jump it. Whoo, my toenails touched it. That was good. Let’s see if I can jump this, oh. OJ with the win. Very nice, pressing all my buttons. Give me give me. Come on, elevator. Let’s go. Whoa, is someone out there? It’s all falling apart. Ow, owie. I didn’t break this. It broke when I got here. I’m definitely not fixing this and I’m not paying for it either. Oh, it disappeared. Don’t ask me to pay for it. Yeah, my lucky day. That’s what I need to do. Every time I need to make a mess, just make it disappear. Then you don’t have to
worry about cleaning it up. Can you guys get on that? Like make a ray gun that also shoots, it shoots stuff and then
it makes it disappear? I kind of feel like there’d
be a lot of opportunities where that would really come in handy. Not only can you make
your messes disappear, but like the teacher was
trying to hand out homework, they just and you shot the
homework right in their hand and it disappeared and
you’re like oh, okay I guess I don’t have any
homework to hand out to you and you’d be like yeah, so cool. We’re in the abandoned part of the hotel. This is a room of, ew,
it looks squishy, gross. Oh whoa. It does, it looks like guts. Whoa I’m inside of a monster? Ew, what kind of hotel is this? Did it turn out I was inside
of Godzilla the whole time? That’d be crazy. Are these just vocal cords? Am I just jumping on your vocal cords? Is that (laughs). Say owie if I’m jumping
on your vocal cords. Actually it’d be kind of hard for me since I’m jumping on his vocal cords. Yeah, we got this, we got this. Oh let’s go down here and then yeah. That was close. Ew, I got guts on my shoes. Gross. Oh this is tough. Whoo. Whoa, these jumps are
actually really tough. We got expert mode over here. Well that looks really far away. Let’s see if I can make this jump. You can do it Orange, you can do it. The power of Orange compels you. Toxic Waste you are not going to give me tentacle butt today, no sir. (Orange laughs) Aw no, not another elevator. Oh boy. I’m just letting you know right now I didn’t break this thing. It’s attacking me in my booty again. I don’t like when elevators do that. Hey who’s Darth Vader’s sister? Eli-vader. Oh yeah, an elevator punnage. You know you love it. What’s this, what’s this? Oh hey this is where I started remember? Yeah this is right outside my window. Cool. Oh I can make this. Oh this one’s a little precarious. I don’t even know what this stuff is sticking out of the wall. Was this built here? Did this come out, was there
an earthquake or something? We got the shake and bakes? Shake and bacon? The hotel sign, oh I can
just climb right up it. Cool. ♪ Spider Orange, Spider Orange ♪ ♪ Doing everything that
a spider orange can ♪ (Orange laughs) Oh boy, are we going
all the way to the top? Uh oh, what? I’m kind of floating. Whoa, hey what the? Okay that was weird. I was floating about. At least I didn’t die. You’re still kind of float, well okay. Well, whatever. If you want to float, that’s cool. Wait, I think that’s the end. Yes, it is. Alright, I have escaped the hotel, yeah! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Dance floor, doing the dance. Yeah, look at those moves. Alright, I got those Orange moves. Whoo, Fat Paps. Alright, thank you guys. This is awesome. Well I’m gonna get some speed
pads and stuff like that. Alright, speedy jeans. Or in my case, speedy shorts. Speedy jean shorts, there you go. Alright guys, well thank
you so much for watching. Make sure you do everything you can. (Orange babbles) This is so cool. Look at us dancing. Look at those moves. Alright guys, ’til next
time, later hot potatoes. (energetic music)