The Ritz, 120 years of dreams, is holding an auction! This mythical hotel which opened its doors again in June 2016 after four years of lavish renovations but respectful of its illustrious history – must now let go of the objects that didn’t find a home in the new decor. The house of Artcurial is organising an auction of 3500 lots from the old furnishings of the hotel, some dating back 120 years! It’s a sale that will last five days between April 17th and the 21st, after an exhibition from the 12th to the 16th, scenographed by a great Parisian decorator in the salons of the Hotel Marcel Dasault. Since its inauguration on June 1st 1898, the Ritz Paris has incarnated elegance and subdued luxury synonymous with the French art of living. The Ritz style, both intimate and sparkling was immediately adopted by celebrities, artists or royalty from around the world with first and foremost Coco Chanel, who lived there; Audrey Hepburn who filmed “Love in the Afternoon” by Billy Wilder there and famed soprano Maria Callas who has a suite in her name; not forgetting the writers Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway. Marcel Proust was inspired by the maitre D, Olivier Dabescat, for a character in “In Search of Lost Time”; Hemingway was a regular at the bar along with his writer friend Scott Fitzgerald during the 1920’s. Everyone had their own special preferences and that contributed to writing the myth of this prestigious hotel in Place Vendôme. Today again, the world of haute couture has taken up residence there and the greatest fashion photographers love working in its sumptuous decors. It’s a true Ritz style, inspired by its founder, César Ritz, and recognisable by all, with its paintings, chandeliers and antiques from the Louis XIV style to the Empire through the Regency period and the reign of Louis XVI. Each auctioned piece will be embellished with a Ritz Paris stamp, and will thus bear witness to the unmatched taste and unmatched prestige embodied by the Ritz. It’s a great way to keep the legend alive!