So we’re going to start off
with peach tea. The bartenders don’t understand what a proper cocktail
really is, so we have to train them on how
to properly balance a cocktail. Some mints, break it up. And just some basic
bartending skill. All right, so we’re going to
start off with peach tea. Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight… Good. We’re going to do
a half ounce of simple syrup. Okay. Nice. Ounce and
a half of whiskey. Peach bitters, two dashes. Got you. One, two.
Two. Good. Ice the glass
you’re going to be shaking in. Stop!
What is he doing wrong? I don’t know. Never shake this way
because if it slips out, where is this glass going? Right, right. Towards the guest. If you’re shaking this way-
Got you. … and it slips out,
it’s going back here. Got you.
Get a shake in that. Got you, got you. That’s good. Right there.
Go ahead and strain it out. Good. Bam.
Let’s taste it now. That’s good. It’s good.
Thank you. That’s really good. You know
what you’re talking about bro. Oh yeah. Well, thank you. (beep). I’ve only been
doing it for 16 years. Hey, hey… Go ahead and sit down Steven.
Go ahead. Thank you bro, thank you. Consistency, consistency,
consistency is so important because if you’re
making one drink one way and somebody’s making
another drink another way, it’s never going to work.
All right? You guys ready? Yes.
Yeah. No, you’re not.
No. Phil Wills was awesome.
He was very straightforward. This training was
very much needed. Now we have no more excuses, so just got to practice,
practice, and put it to work. Guys, how we doing? Good.
Good. Good. The biggest challenge is we have
two owners that need help. We have a kitchen
that needs help. And we just need to make food
that’s executable. Let me teach you street
style tacos. We’re going to
do it with hotdogs. Cut them in half. Put them right on top
of your plancha. Once my hotdogs are done, I’m now going to grab
a little bit of peppers, bit of onions,
a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper goes on. We’re going to take
our hot dogs, one goes in. We take our bacon,
beautiful colors because we eat with our eyes. Dig in. Delicious. This is very good. Good grill taste, too. Right? Because we cleaned it. I did like them tacos.
Fast, easy, and good. I’m going to do my best to make sure we got
the best kitchen around here. I’m going to be really
hard you, okay? Come on over everybody. Now we have
our stress test tonight. I’m going to pack
the place on purpose. I want to see where we fail,
so we can fix it tomorrow. Make sense? Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Chef, what are you looking
for tonight? It’s going to be hard, but if we can just a little
purpose where we’re going, I think we’ll be okay. Phil, what are you
looking for tonight? Guys, we need to make sure that we are consistent
across the board. And remember, we’re not
going to let another drink go across that bar
that isn’t right. Let me prove it to you.
See these stickers? Every time a bartender
makes a mistake, Phil’s going to put
a sticker on your back. Five stickers, you’re out.
Okay? Okay.
Okay. That’s good, thank you. Oh, I’m nervous. I’m nervous
going to the stress test. It’s going to be hectic. Tonight be a leader.
Stay ahead of this. I am. All right. Just keep this calm,
keep this organized. Fight for this.
Okay, this is your future guys. Fight for this.
It starts tonight. Hello. You all ready? Hello! Hey. Come on in. Come on in. What are you drinking
today babe? I’ll have a peach tea. Peach tea. Vodka lemonade and a peach tea. Vodka lemonade and a peach tea. Here’s what we’re doing tonight,
so everybody knows. Any time a bartender
makes a mistake, Phil is taking one
of these stickers and we’re sticking it
on their back. Five stickers,
they’re benched. Oh! At some point, we might run
out of bartenders, so good luck
to you guys in the back. Oh! We’ll see what happens. Hey, what are you making? Another whiskey and peach. You’re making one
whisky peach. Peachy.
Who else wants a whisky peach? Yeah! Don’t make them one
at a time. Who’s hungry? Yeah! Great, where’s Burt?
Burt! Burt! Burt’s going to get
your food orders everybody. Give them to Burt! Yup! What are we doing here? See why you do all the ice
at the same time? Yeah. You get your first yellow card.
You get your first yellow card. I’ll tell you what Steven,
you’re moving way too slow brother,
you got your first yellow card. One!
I need you to pick it up! One on one.
Two drinks at a time. Two drinks at a time
from now on. You’ve got to be able
to pay attention to how much meat
you got left. You got to fill that one taco,
plus all those. You’re good.
What are you missing? Nothing as far as I know. You’re missing garnish. Where’s your burst of citrus?
Burst of citrus. You got the recipe right in
front of you brother, come on. How many tickets you got? Two. Two. Two freaking… Who wants food
and has an order in? Yeah! Guys look at this!
John, Burt, come on! John! Take their food order! How much lime juice
goes in there? I did four. Oh… You’re doing an ounce. Oh, a half an ounce. Half ounce. Dump them. It looks a lot better
than all the (beep) you served yesterday,
so I’m happy. Let’s go. Who wants a pomegranate
lemonade? Me. Yeah. Me! One, two, three, four. You have nothing to do? I’m waiting for these drinks. Who wants food?
Get food orders in. Do something.
Don’t freaking stand here John. When the drinks are ready,
come get them! Swamped with tickets my friend,
and all you’re making is (beep) tacos. Yeah, I got two tacos,
no onions. No, I want my regular. How many are you doing all day? Why are you only
doing one order? Why are you only
doing one order? I’ll do more than one. So John, are you
putting them in? Can you make some, too? No, I can’t. If you owned this bar for years,
would you be able to. Yes! I would
He doesn’t. He’s owned this bar for years, he doesn’t know how
to make freaking anything. Fefe, question. I haven’t rang anything in. You haven’t rang anything in? How are we going
to make some money if you’re not ringing things in?
I’m going to give you one more because you’re doing
the procedure wrong, Steven.
How’s that? Why did we build everything in? Remember, we got to get
rid of our bad habits. Yes, sir.
Fix it right now. Make it right. Three and three. You go!
Whose is that? You go. That’s a solo right?
Yes. Read the ticket,
what’s it say? Texas taco. Yes. Is that a table number?
There you go. No, there’s no table number. Right. Well, that’s
not my (beep) fault. Is that three dollar tacos? Who put the order in?
There’s no table numbers? No, four. Did you put those in? Yeah, it’s three.
There’s no table number. There’s no table numbers.
How do you know where it goes? Burt and John are really trying. They’re jumping in and
they’re helping where they can, but the systems are so bad I’m not sure we’ll get
any food out at all. We have money, we want food! What did I do? What are you getting
a yellow card for? The ice! Who said that? Damn man, you didn’t even
take my training yet. Four and three, let’s go!
No more mistakes! Ah (beep). Son of a bitch. Did you put your bitters
in there? No. Come on man. Salt and pepper. You got to make it sexy,
all right? Phil, do you have a taste
for me? That’s the worst one yet. Let’s go. Hello! Food! Let’s see if they come
when you ring it! You think anybody
can get them to come by ringing the freaking bell?
You want to try it? All right,
let’s all ring the bell! And still, nothing
freaking happened! That’s the sound of frustration. This is a failure.
They can’t get the orders in. They can’t get the food out.
They can’t get the drinks made. I don’t think they can
do a freaking thing. This is so (beep)
painful to watch. I can’t believe it.
Phil, is that right? Hell no, it’s not right.
I don’t even have to taste it. Fine, you’re out. Steven.
Done. I don’t want to leave them
like this, bro. Just take a seat. Okay, you’re down
to one bartender. No! Boo-