*phone ringing* ESPAÑOL Hello, how are you?
Can I talk to Maria, please? This is she. Hello, how are you doing? Excellent! My Name is Juan Martinez. I’m calling about… I wanna ask you
one question about your home. I don’t want to sell it! No! I don’t want to sell my house. I’ve been in there 17 years and I’m not leaving. But we want to develop the Hispanic
community here after the immigration reformation. And bring my extended family to live
with us here in the neighborhood. Uh huh? Yes! Okay. Well, I’m not interested in selling my home. Okay, $500,000! I’m NOT interested in selling my house, sir! $1,000,000! I’m not interested.
How did you get my phone number? Please! I have the white pages. Okay.
Yes! Ok, well I don’t know how it got there.
But I’m not selling… But your home is so beautiful!
I want to bring my family there. They like it very much! Okay, that’s good. But I’m not selling my house! Name your price! What part of “I’m not selling it” don’t you understand? [I don’t speak much English.]
I like my house… [But I like it…]
I like my house. I like it a lot!
[Okay?] Yes, and I’m sure you do. But I’m not selling it.
It’s not for sale. It will never be for sale. But why? We need one place to stay!
My grandmother, my grandfather, my cousin Lucy… cousin Louie, Cousin Raldo, cousin Garcia, cousin Juan, cousin Maria, cousin Tyrone! He’s adopted. All my friends! Okay. Well, I’m not selling it. $2,000,000! Sir, I don’t want to hang up on you! I don’t want to hang up on you and be rude.
[Please!] But I don’t want to sell it.
[Why?] But it’s a Spanish neighborhood! I don’t care! You know Cinco de Mayo? When Cinco de Mayo comes around I will invite you over for some margaritas… some dancing, some food, some fajitas… [Okay.]
some tequila! That’s wonderful but I’m not selling my house!
[Okay.] So this is the last time. Thank you very much.
Please don’t call me again. Okay, $2.5 million!
[Bye.] (Laughing) she wont do it i guess i might find a new place for us to stay its okay won come here buddy. thank you all for watching, make sure you share this video with your friends and familya