it’s very obvious that you need this
service but please give us a moment to show you the features and benefits of
our service don’t wait order riddex charge bow we all get them and none of
us want them I’m talking about bugs insects rodents and pests they’re
disgusting and the last place that you want to see them is in your house
crawling across the countertops and your pillows ah they got a go and there’s no
better way to get rid of pests for good guaranteed then with riddex charge no
matter if you live in an apartment a home or a condominium if you have an
office or a storefront or even a restaurant if you have bugs or pests
riddex charge gets rid of them better than any bug man can now imagine having
a computer with a super powerful microprocessor now imagine that same
powerful microprocessor is shrunk down to fit inside the riddex charge and
all that brilliant computing technology is now being used to drive pests out of
your home that’s what happens when you plug riddex charge into the walls
Riddick’s charge special digital pulse technology or DPT sends a random
alternating pulse signal throughout the wiring in your house we can’t hear it
but it interferes with the nervous system of all the bugs and pests and
they just can’t stand it and because it pulses they can never get used to it and
that makes them really uncomfortable so they flee from your house fast and never
come back and now I’m going to show you why
riddex charge works so well we’ve constructed this wall to simulate the
wiring in your home to show you exactly how riddex charge works and to
demonstrate it that it actually works within the walls not just in the room
here I have this electrical meter which detects any pulsing going on through the
wires in your walls I’ll place it against this electrical wiring and as
you can see the meters on but it’s not detecting any pulsing now I’ll plug
riddex charge into the electrical outlet and then again put the meter on and as
you can see and here it’s pulsing now that’s the DPT the digital pulsing
technology created by Riddick’s charge it turns all the wires in your home into
one giant digital pest repellent it’s truly amazing as riddex is it gets a
whole lot better because it does so much more than just drive pests out of your
home in fact it has breakthrough five and one functionality that no other pest
repellent can offer it’s also a handy dandy nightlight it gives you a power
outlet to plug lamps and clocks into and other devices you’ll never ever have to
give up outlet space and now it even has two USB ports for charging all of your
devices with a USB charging cord plus Riddick’s charge thermal fuse acts like
a surge protector preventing electrical overcurrent from zapping your electronic
devices can your bug man do all that millions of people around the world have
used riddex for years just listen to what they have to say about it
Riddick’s charge works for them now imagine what it can do for you there are
two patents in the United States five patents worldwide and multiple
scientific studies to prove it – these are real studies that prove that
Riddick’s charge really works that’s why Riddick’s
the most trusted pest control company worldwide have you ever read the warning
labels on those chemical pest repellent they’re unbelievable they smell awful
and they’re filled with poisonous toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and
your family so why would you spray them all over your house it makes no sense
now we all want to do our part to protect the environment right so why not
pick the pest control that does it without chemicals and while using
virtually no energy and let’s be honest who really likes killing bugs I don’t
but I don’t want to live with them either with riddex charge you can
effectively get rid of any unwanted pests and they can simply find somewhere
else to live right faster easier safer and more affordable why would you use
any other pest control when there’s riddex charge so here’s how to get
yours now don’t wait order riddex charge now for more information please click
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