-This is a neglected room.
-Yes. And you’re the one
who neglected it. I’m responsible. We have to change
that. You agree? Yes. OK. So, let me
see your list.The bar floor. The bar. The
back-bar. The ice machine.
The beer cooler.
Work stations. Cooking
equipment. Rhonda:
The dance floor’s
coming up too.
I’m not sure that the
floor is even safe here. Oh, god. That’s my issue. What
I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna have my guys come
look at the floor. OK. Jon:
And I’ll come back and talk
to you in a little bit, OK?
OK. I’ve been praying for this
for so long. I need help.I need a bar
So, listen. We have a list
of things in this bar. -It’s about 12 items.
-All right. Refrigeration,
plumbing. But there’s a floor issue that
I think is structural. That floor dips and the
cooler almost bounces and moves on
the floor. All right, we’ll have
to check it out. I’m not sure we can
pull this off. -Let’s go look at it.
-OK. Come on. Look at the angle on
the beer cooler. I almost feel if I pushed
the thing down… Chip:
Yeah, it’s droppin’ about four
to five inches and two foot.
This is the joist and the
seal underneath there. Wow. So we’d have to redo the
structure, rebuild the bar, and then put all the refrigeration
and everything back. Chip:
Yes. Soda guns, sinks,
all of it.
That’s more work than
we’ve ever done
in the amount of time we
would have to do it.
-Could you do it? Oh god, please,
please, please.