Bob: You know, I’ve stayed in
some of the best hotels in the country —
in the United States, and you walk in and you say, “This is nice.” I’ve stayed in a lot of
these hotels on the tour. And when you look back a few years
later, I can’t remember the five-star hotels, which was
which, but I remember these hotels because of the charm. Amanda Hynek: The hotels
on this tour were great. Always well kept,
fabulous staff, always clean. Some were a little more
modern, but then we’d stay in some local ones that
had a lot of character. Tom: They’ve been very unique. They haven’t been
same old saying, “You don’t feel like you’re
stuck in an American hotel,” you definitely
feel like you’re in a local hotel with a
very European flavor. Margaret: They’ve opened
smaller hotels, which I like. It’s not the cookie-cutter American
hotels transplanted to Europe. It all felt very, very authentic
to the regions and to the areas. Ben: One thing is always the same, and that’s that they’re,
in some way, unique. Trina: They’re going to
be a little bit different than what people would
experience in the US. Sometimes you’re
going to have stairs. Sometimes they’re going to
have really small elevators. Sarah: I like that they’re
not super commercialized. They’re really kind of intimate,
so the staff is really friendly. Cecilia: They give you a feeling of a private home,
which is very, very nice. Elisabeth: The employees,
they are working in the same hotel for many years. It’s a bit like a family. Ben: For the most part,
they’re always going to be central,
really placing emphasis on that being well located
close to different sites but also close to
public transportation. Kate Donovan: They are located in the heart of the area
that you want to be in. Just like with real estate, location is the most important
thing for a hotel, particularly when you’re
in a town for two days. You need to be where the
action is and where you can get to the major sites
conveniently and easily. Amanda: You could tell a lot
of thought was put into them, because a lot of times we
were right near a bus station or a metro station, definitely next
to a public transportation site, which becomes vital
when you’re traveling. Ben: One of the reasons
to stay in a city rather than the outskirts
or rather than on a cruise ship, for example,
is to be able to see the city after dark or
early in the morning. To be able to get around
easily is essential. That is, I think for me,
one of the most important things, having just a
nice and comfortable place to come back to at the
end of the day or during the middle of the day is
really an essential thing. You need a good place to be
able to rest up and to feel comfortable at night,
and the hotels always provide that.