Welcome to Milaidhoo Island
This is where you write a story of a small island. Your Story! Wow, I am speechless
It’s really gorgeous out here It’s common that you will see dolphins from
your water villa. Milaidhoo is located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO
Biosphere Reserve, a 35 minutes seaplane from Male Airport. Every villa in Milaidhoo is an artistic impression
of the Maldivian heritage. The moment you walk into this water villa,
you will feel like every little detail was either hand-picked or custom-made just for
the room. Welcome to Serenity Spa, an over-water sanctuary
for wellness. Wah! This is so relaxing , just imagine you and
your partner, enjoying a complete bath, before experiencing the spa. Couples love it here. Milaidhoo has reinvented what was lost in
time. It’s a reimagined heritage of luxury, simplicity
and Maldivian style of outdoor living. Look at your bedroom. One thing you should not miss doing here is
the house reef snorkelling. Way before Milaidhoo became a resort, this
island was noted by Lonely Planet as one of the best house reefs for snorkelers. This
is the Ocean Residence of Milaidhoo, I feel like my feet is on the water. A glass-floor in the living room! This is a 475 sqm one-bedroom residence. Can you believe it? just for one couple. There is a huge living room which I am sitting
here, over here is the bedroom and en ensuite bathroom. The view is just splendid. The natural light fills your entire bedroom
and living room. Every detail in this residence is designed
for the comfort of a couple. It’s spacious, It’s luxurious, it’s innovative. What else do you need? Wow! The views here are simply breathtaking. This is the loft of the Ocean Residence. I am sure it’s the best place to view the
sunset. If you are already impressed by the design
of this landmark architecture don’t forget to visit it during the evening. The best sunsets are right this way. This is the Maldives first Maldivian Island-Influenced
fine-dining restaurant in a luxury resort. Ba’theli by the Reef will take you through
the spice route and let you indulge in flavours that you never thought of. Good Morning! They say breakfast is the most important meal
of the day. Well It’s taken very seriously in Milaidhoo. There are 30 different types of cheeses, even
if you are gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan, the cheese selection is just beautiful. Home-made pastries, home-made jams, selection
of great fruits, cold cuts, hot station every corner of the world is represented here in Milaidhoo for breakfast. Enjoy! I feel like I just found the place where I
belong. Milaidhoo beach villas are a true invention
of outdoor living and space. The Maldivian swing, the architectural details,
and the fact that each beach villa opens up 180 degrees to the outdoor gives you the promise
you are on the Maldivian beach. Milaidhoo will take you back in time. This is what we ADORE about the Island. Every corner of the resort is a true inspiration
of the Maldivian heritage. The Milaidhoo family is the best. Bespoke activities are part of their everyday
lifestyle, ensuring you and your partner have the most romantic time. Would you like to sleep under the stars in
a remote sandbank? Milaidhoo will fulfil that dream. Or maybe name a star in the sky. These are little thing the Milaidhoo family
is absolutely good at. It is located in a UNESCO Biosphere reserve
so Manta’s are not far away to swim with you. Milaidhoo has reinvented luxury in the Maldives.