Welcome to Faarufushi: a big-time beauty
lt’s located here in Raa Atoll only 40 minutes by a seaplane transfer from Male
airport. This is the newest addition to Small Luxury Hotels of the World. What we ADORE about this island is how
the natural vegetation is kept and how the villas are built around it, not to
mention the palm trees all leading up to the sand pathways. If you’re a true beach lover the beach
bungalows in Faarufushi are just for you Over hundred square meters
inside, they thought carefully where to put the beach bungalow so you don’t have
any interruptions. Literally from your deck to the beach is 10 to 12 steps, I’ve counted it! I’m in Athiti, the Barefoot Beach
restaurant of Faarufushi This experience of having tapas or a pizza
with your feet in the sand is phenomenal This is what you come to the Maldives for By Athiri is the water sports as well as the dive center One of the coolest and the most
innovative way to dive is Peter diving your oxygen will be floating on the
surface while you take your mouthpiece and dive down up to 6 meters here in
Faarufushi this is totally extraordinary. The Ocean Retreats here in Faarufushi
are all about the view Big glass windows bring in the
natural daylight into your bedroom Sleek and understated straight line designs
gives you mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean. This is my favorite part of the day All the Ocean Retreats in Faarufushi
has its own private pool. Lounge under the
sun or relax, right here. It’s so calm and relaxing here in Faarufushi. This is the pool bar: Sangu
where you can have a lazy afternoon order some beach service or
spend the day doing nothing All the restaurants here at Faarufushi are facing toward the sunset or by the beach serving a la carte, with intuitive and attentive service. Faarufushi is designed the way couples
and honeymooners will ADORE Perhaps that’s why almost all the rooms have its
private pools What a fantastic idea to have a reef deck right at the edge of the reef.
Faarufushi has thought about everything This is the snorkeling point where you
either get into the reef or get out Marine life in Raa Atoll is amazing you
should really check it out This is Nika, the tree-top Spa of Faarufushi One of the landmarks of this island Behind me is a coconut dome: an elevated treatment room for couples to enjoy the best of the treatments Faarufushi has to offer. I already feel the zen.
Start your day with the meditation or yoga session under this banyan tree:
the tree that derived the name Nika What do we ADORE about Faarufushi? It’s a boutique Small Luxury
Hotel of the World located, here in Raa Atoll 40 minutes by seaplane transfers Sophisticated straight-line understated designs makes the island and the villas
looks extremely elegant You could say it’s built for couples
because most of the rooms have private pools The coral reef is easily accessible because there is a reef deck
specifically built for snorkel lovers 80 rooms all together, 3 restaurants I’m sitting here in Boli
where the best sunsets are It’s an overwater signature bar Faarufushi gives you the experience to dine
breakfast and dinner all together but the most nicest thing is it also gives you an ultra indulgent All Inclusive experience where 3 restaurants, some of the water sports also something new called
Peter diving is included Faarufushi is an island opened in March 2019
but brilliantly done.