You know this is called
putting your money where your mouth is. When I come and do these things and do them live, you don’t know what you’re going to get. They asked me to do the brain maps
on some people having their Bars done. Like, okay, that’s good. You know I’m open,
I’m always pushing the envelope. I’m on the front of the curve
that’s on the front of the curve. We have to look back
to see where the cutting edge is. All I can tell you is that
when I saw the results my jaw dropped. I was so astounded. Now you’ve gotta remember,
I’ve been doing this for sixteen years. I have seen brains of every kind
and all different kinds of conditions. This is the very first time that I’ve ever seen a brain do what we are about to show you. I mean, I was blown away.
It takes a lot to blow me away. This blew me away, so why don’t you tell them. Okay, we didn’t mention yesterday that
one of the things we do is called Bars, and it’s 32 points on the head
that are designed basically to ‘Delete File’ on your computer bank so you can create change in any way you want. Everything. The Bars® are a soft touch
you put on particular points of the head. These release the thoughts, feelings,
emotions, considerations, and attitudes you stored in any lifetime. And the end result is, worse case scenario:
your whole life changes. Best case scenario:
you feel like you had a great massage. We have several different databases,
ways that we can look at this information, and that adds a level of credibility
and reliability, and so I’m gonna show you all the
different ways that we measure this. We take an EEG. We put the cap on their head
and we measured all 19 electrodes. We did eyes closed, brain on task, then they did the Bars
and we did it again, right immediately after. We put the cap back on their head, we measured eyes closed, brain on task. Now I’m going to show you what happened. This is a normal brain map. So this is one is before the Bars. You can see the red area that’s lit up. That’s the area we identify as PZ and it’s showing that it’s
roughly three standard deviations above what would be considered normal. They did, I think it was
an hour and a half of running the Bars, and then immediately after that
we did it again. And here’s what it looks like. Can you see a difference? So this was one measure that we were able to look at. Let’s take another glance at something. It’s called sLORETA and that stands for Scientific Low Resolution
Electromagnetic Tomography. But forget about that. Here’s what it looks like. It came out showing us here, by the pointer down
where this little red line is, this area is PZ,
that’s where it was lit up before. We have a different scale, down here it’s showing us that yellow is three standard deviations above what’s normal. Well, we know it’s at 2.7 Herz. It’s in the Delta range, it’s a low-frequency. But down here it says it’s 4.97, so it’s almost five standard deviations
above what is considered normal. It is off the scale, what we’re seeing here! Here: After, is what it looked like. You can see the dark color here
is the normal range. It’s also saying that change happened at 2 Herz. That’s all well and nice. There’s another part that we look at here
that is called the sLORETA part and it gives us a triangulation. So we have what’s called and x-axis,
the black line here, then the one pointing up in the air is a
y-axis and then we have a z-axis, so we get this triangulation
that’s showing us exactly where. And you see this stuff here in the back
of the brain? That’s PZ, that’s where you just saw it all lit up. Here’s the After. It’s gone! “It’s gone” doesn’t happen in my world
of measuring brains. Not in a matter of a few minutes. Being the scientist I am,
that’s not good enough for me. That’s great, but I want to see it in action. Do you want to see it in action? Here’s the brain, the area PZ that we’re
looking at there. And you can see the red coming in and out,
that sort of thing. This is the playback of the EEG. We’ve taken her eyes-closed EEG and we’re now playing it back. I went through it and and pulled out pieces
that I wanted to show you and they said okay, they’ll make this
little movie for me and show it. Now, let’s look at the After as well. So here’s the After. Alright, so that’s the After, and let’s go to the Before. Do you see it?
There’s the Before. Do you see all the red there? Then afterwards, we see this… Being the scientist that I am… What does the red mean? The red means it’s four standard deviations
above what’s considered normal. It’s just very, very active. Red means activity. We could get into what kind of
activity, but it’s just very, very active, and it’s dealing with focus, concentration and attention. So this means the brain is doing this… That’s a scientific term. I like that term. Being the scientists I am,
that’s not good enough for me. I want to see the whole picture. You can see the little heads up here and this one right here in Delta. We’re gonna watch that as it plays
through the sequence of events. Additional things that are down here, that we’re looking at are coherence. Coherence is how the brain processes
information. There is a hypo-coherence and a hyper-coherence. The blue here indicates we have a hypo-coherence. So what we’re seeing happen is the brain is just doing its normal thing. The phase and the coherence is what
allows that higher level of consciousness. In measuring thousands of advanced meditators over the last couple of years and talking to them and looking at their
brain maps, we’ve been able to determine that
this relationship between phase and coherence is very important. We’ve also done some things with HeartMath, where we’ve had people wear this heart
device for 24 hours and we would map them
when they were doing meditation. And they would be meditating
for two hours at a time in a room like this. So we would have 450 people
and be measuring some of these people and be looking at that relationship. And when people have these profound experiences when they were able to have kundalini energy, we’ve mapped these things,
we have validation of them, that the phase and the coherence
become very important and we would see an alignment
of the phase and the coherence in what I just showed you
and the heart coherence. So when there is complete
heart coherence and brain coherence then people start to have these magical
experiences and start to have energy lining up. This is when you talk about
aligning the energy in the chakras and coalescing that energy. This is what we’ve been looking at. And so what what I’m seeing in this Bars situation is not only a complete physical alignment but I’m talking about the alignment
with the universe. Because there’s a part of the
brain called the Thalamus that regulates all of these frequencies and at the top of the Thalamus is a thing
called the Thalamic Gate. At the Thalamic Gate there are a set of
what we call reticular cells. These reticular cells allow other cells
to bind to them and so there’s a axonal column of cells
that grow up out of the brain and it comes out right here. And what do we call that? The crown chakra. That’s the antenna. So when there is what we call oscillation, vibration from The Field, and it’s coming in through your crown chakra and going down to the Thalamic Gate,
into your brain – and all of the frequencies are distributed there – then it becomes resonation. The cells in your body are resonating with that energy. So when you have a thought, where does it come from? It starts down in the subcortical regions of your brain. It goes up through the Thalamic Gate,
comes out here, and interacts with The Field. Are you still with me? Remember yesterday I was
talking about 17 seconds? If you hold that energy and you’re putting
that energy out for 68 seconds, then that is wave energy that’s coming out. Once you hold it that amount of time,
the visualization you just heard and you just did, that kind of visualization,
if you hold that for 68 seconds it now has enough mass energy in the brain to affect particle energy. That’s where the transition comes in. So the longer you hold these thoughts, the longer you work with them, whether its visualization, mind movies,
whatever your technique is, the power of that is absolutely astronomical. Now, to be able to coalesce that energy
and bring it together, with what I just showed you,
it is absolutely possible. I believe, and we only have the one person
we processed so far, but as a scientist I can tell you,
with what I’ve seen over the last two years and the thousands of people that I’ve worked with, this is absolutely amazing! And I’m sure that
each and every one of you have the ability to harness this energy, to start working with that within
yourselves, because it’s not the magic of the
science. The science just helps to let you know
what is happening and how it’s happening to you as an