I’m right here on Capitol Hill in
Washington DCA and I’m ready for the weekend I don’t have to travel very far
in the city to find great entertainer great craft cocktail are just people
watch in one of our great Powersports one place that has it all is a Mayflower
Hotel is located on Connecticut out there recently underwent a twenty
million dollar renovation from top to bottom and I want to show you what’s
going on the hotel lobby and then bring it up to the presidential suite RCS
downstairs in the lobby but there is one hotel in Connecticut Avenue ever they
just recently that is the autograph collections Mayflower Hotel opened in
1925 this hotel has hosted its fair share stories that make washingtonDC the
power-hungry city that is today it is DC’s largest luxury hotel 72 the white
marble lobby you’ll find the emerald green Edgar bar in kitchen and to the
left is a welcoming registration desk great happy hour specials and exquisite
small by turmoil will promptly all day and into the evening of the 581 rooms
including 64 seats have been refreshed by the twenty million dollar renovation
beach hotel room for esteemed around an era the Roaring Twenties is on the
second electric seventies was found on the 7th floor on the tendon top wars a
Presidential Suite 4 design elements are modern yet classic open the double doors
to be welcomed by a glowing presidential seal and a return date with a classic a
ceiling and doctoral seals of the original Thirteen Colonies Aamir how a
divider showcases iconic silhouettes gold silver medals and mixed texture
provide the rich base for this 2,400 square-foot interior brought to you by
the daddy’s groove design firm to the right of the great room as the
office space which can become your global headquarters and makes for a
great place to make some very important decisions like room service when you
enter this week to the right is a master suite and expansive sleeping quarters
along with a walk-in closet and a baffling fit for a king inside there’s a
standout inviting sheik solid surface stone bathtub in a polished satin matte
finish placards killer cuts both for us and dark words make this sweet shop in
the formal dining room for six years of you right out of a Hollywood movie of
the latest TV drama the second term is also a nice out on Friday in
sophisticated the room is comfortable for next seven deaths brought this mean
your eyes cannot help but to seek out the luxury and all the high end finishes
and upgrades grades are so her lighting is crystal clear accent pieces glitter wall sparkle and
the furnishings evoke fashionable cultural the autograph collections
Mayflower Hotel still stands to bring in a land of politics and power especially
in the presidential suite