The last time we were here,
it was one
of the messiest disgraces of a kitchen
that we’ve ever seen. So, if you would, may you direct me
to the kitchen? From the looks of it,
you know, real quick, it doesn’t look too bad. And I’m very proud to say
that there ain’t even a signof a cockroach,– a grasshopper,
no dirt, nothing.
– Excellent. Jon:
Justin has done a great job
of keeping this place clean.
There’s no dirt, dead bugs,
or pools of blood in sight.
You guys have done
a very good job with the bar. It looks great. There’s two people I don’t seethat were here
last time I was here.
– Shawn and Stephanie.
– Justin:Yeah.Yeah, no, um… things kinda went downhill
after the show.He pretty much
just lied to us
and opened up a bar
not even a mile away. – He opened a bar
across the way?
When Jon Taffer left,
things were just–
just a little weird with me and Shawn.Sean left The End Zone.Shawn:
Welcome back to Houston.
Check out my new bar,
The Corridor. Stephanie:
After “Bar Rescue,”
the issues were still there.
It’s just I’ll avoid
the friendship
and the business partnership.There’s nothing
you can do about it. It is what it is.After the contract
was presented to me,
some of the paperwork
didn’t add up.
So, I just decided, that I want to open up
my own bar.I’m done with all the drama.
Don’t need anymore.
The Corridor
is my place to be. I don’t know
what’s going on over there. Don’t care. These people
have taken from me, they’ve lied to me,
they’ve stolen from me. Justin’s very paranoid. Justin’s very paranoid. He didn’t just have a plan
to open a bar, he had a plan
to annihilate us.