I’m approaching Bungalow Bar
on Rockaway Beach, New York. This is Jon’s most difficult
but most rewarding rescue, ever. He loves these guys, and
he really wants to make sure it’s doing well.
Honey, don’t worry. I won’t let you down.
I’ll get the scoop for you.Thanks, honey.
That ramp we dredged up
still seems to be working
for these guys, pulling in
the local boating crowd.That’s why
this deck get packed
on a beautiful summer’s day.I’ve asked Nicole not
to say hi to the Tubridys
right away.
Figure anything out? Uh, sure.
Uh, to start, I’d love to have
the Rockaway Resilience. Sure.I want to see if they
can still turn out
a decent
Rockaway Resilience,
the signature
cocktail I added,
as well as Chef Nick’s
fish sandwich.
Absolutely delicious. How’s the fish sandwich? – Whoa!
– How are you? – I’m doing great!
– Nice to see you. – Nice to see you, too.
– Thanks for coming in. – You’re welcome!
– Ah, little spy’s here, huh? So, this was Jon’s
most difficult but
rewarding rescue ever, That’s why he sent me
here to spy on you guys, to make sure that everything
is the way he left it. So, how’s it going? It’s going really well. Jon really put us
on a path to recovery, so we’re just
following his playbook. We couldn’t have done it
without, you know? Since Taffer was here, financially we’re doing
very well. We’re sort of about a 20-30%
increase in sales. And we’ve gotten people
from all over the country because they saw the episode. When we come down from
Manhattan, this is definitely the bar that we go to.
You know, you can get away to the beach, come here,
have drinks, food, and it’s great service,
great vibes, and it’s awesome. It’s just a great recovery from for
the whole neighborhood. – Absolutely.
– That’s so great. You know, we felt very blessed
for you guys to come here and help us out, so we’ve
kinda helped other businesses, whether donating equipment
or time or anything. So, it’s worked out very well
for the whole neighborhood.That’s the best news.
Helping get Bungalow Bar
back on its feet wasn’t
just about the Tubridys.
How are we doing, guys?It was about how their spirithas benefited the entire
Rockaway Beach community.
[cheers and applause]