I have my local spies inside OFace Bar
in Council Bluffs, Iowa to see if their
succeeding or failing
after I walked out, denying them a rescueand a drunk patron
is starting
a fight with
my recon couple.
You heard
what I said, man.( bleep )Where’s Syck,
your security guy?He should be
there watching out
for trouble in a
bar like this. I want another– I wanted a
( indistinct ) Let me go get you
guys some more popcorn real quick, all right?
Be right back. I didn’t appreciate Syck being a
Taffer supporter. Syck:
I don’t know what’s
going on.
Syck, get off that
( bleep ) camera, dude.
I’m serious.– See what I mean?
– Matt:Turn off that camera.I mean,
you got the nerve to
talk on a camera? We had to let Syck go, so he’s no longer with us. You got to be
( bleep ) kidding me. Syck was the
only one with any sense
in this place. I’ve never
been in a bar, so I’ve never been
looking ( indistinct ) Hey guys, can I
have to step back
for me please? Matt:
We’re gonna have to
ask you to leave.
( bleep ) you
( bleep ) you. I’m ( indistinct )
my way here. ( bleep ) you. Guess what? I wasn’t expecting this. It looks like Matt,
the bar’s other owner, is stepping up his game. He’s actually
protecting a patron. I’m shocked. Erin:
Are you ready to go?
We should probably
get out of here.It seems like they’ve
cleaned up the bar
and they’ve fixed
some things up,
but it doesn’t seem
like the crowd’s changed.
I would definitely
not go to OFace
if I was alone. Matt:
Since Jon walked out,
our sales are good.
I would say we’re– I would say we’re up–I don’t have
an exact figure,
but I would say we’re up.Karen:
We’re still going
The future of OFace
looks very good and hopefully
someday we will open
another OFace. God help us if these two ever opened a
second location. But judging by the fact
that Matt doesn’t have a clue what the numbers are,
I think we can rest easy. This bar is a failure.