Here’s your menu serve. Well. Thanks. Can I start you off with a drink? Come on. Can I look at the menu first. Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry. I haven’t habit And you know what you want yet? Really to be honest no. Can you give me a minute instead of a second? Oh, sorry? How’d you like? Me wait, can you keep skinnier color or something okay? Give me something? Here you go, sir. Here’s your journal I? asked for Coca-cola No, you guys for something and that is maple syrup What I? Start you off with any appetizers Would I be able to have a tome cinnamon raisin. Oh, yes you may Actually, it’s complimentary So I’m gonna go get that for you Here you should cinnamon bread Can’t get you started on your main course um I still need to finish my appetizer. Oh Sorry, sir Can I get you started on your main course? No? Can you give me like? I don’t know a minute please, okay? Well can I get you started on an ad on your main course um? Can you give me like? I don’t know a couple of minutes, okay? You know finish this? Can I get you start on your main course? Oh? Just go just go give me like 15 minutes, and what do I just need to eat? My breath. I’m sorry He’s never here. Can I get you started out on your main course? Finally you’re here. Okay. You did. Yell me off at five okay, okay? I don’t care okay You know what can you just w my meal, okay? All I want is a large cheese pizza Okay, cheese large cheese pizza just a cheese. Just just that just Literally just need a large cheese pizza Just that So which I cheese on a side which I which I cheese extra cheese on the side and no meat. I’m just like no Just get me a cheese pizza. I just want go Sauce and cheese. I’ve literally tried like don’t sauce cheese. Okay, okay? Sorry Here’s your order, sir Thank you. I am starving oh What? Why did I have cheese? Tomatoes and dough what you know what you like, just give me carefully a pizza I don’t care about one toppings. Just get me a pizza Get no cheese pizza. I want to cheese pizza. I want a warrant cheese pizza would you like to step on your song? Yeah, sure sure go crazy. Go crazy change Pizza. Go crazy Here you go. Thank God. I’m starving No, no, no no no oh This is what you asked for no, what no what? What what I just asked for a plea? Pizza plain Pizza, no no you asks you said go crazy, so we did see it’s soy sauce flowers Ketchup mustard the cheese sauce and the bread we went crazy. That’s like. Oh, no, I Know I know No It would not what about alert Hello. I’m zack and I’m sam, and we’re the thumbs up here Thank God for watching like subscribe And they comment Comment and ring that bell ring baby ring ring ring ring. Yeah Yeah, yeah, oh these guys help you through the video and word