hi guys welcome to my channel it’s me
Queenie and I’m gonna teach you how to make Makki ki roti with the Sarson ka Saag- I made in my previous video Makki ki roti is cornbread so first take
some flour it’s maseca flour or corn flour I took around 250 grams half a teaspoon of salt to taste I took luke warm water to crumble the flour keep kneading the dough for a while so
the rotis don’t break while you make them as you might know corn flour is
gluten-free so the texture will not be the same as normal roti. if you find it
very difficult you can add some wheat flour to help you bind the dough the
more you need the better the rotis turn out to be. it’s the kind of
consistency you need make palm sized ball like these and then
squeeze them between their palms and roll them in a circular motion as
there’s no gluten in it , it’s really hard to do it on a rolling pin. dont make them too
thin like the wheat roti as these rotis are supposed to be thick. Mine is done
and my tawa or griddle is hot so I’m gonna put it on now it’s been two
minutes and now I’m gonna flip it over and add some clarified butter or ghee
there are around two three minutes of cooking I’m gonna flip it over again and some more ghee here’s my little sister and she’s using
the pressing machine to make them this helps a lot too now then this then I’m
going to take it out on the serving plate and serve it with Sarson ka Saag it’s going pretty good so it looks tough it’s really easy even
my ten year old sister can do it make sure to LIKE our video comment down
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