RESTAURANT ROAD TRIP WE’RE TAKING YOU TO THE COMPANY’S NEWEST LOCATION AT CHARLES POINTE IN BRIDGEPORT. 0:00 0:05 CATON: “They are not coming out just to eat or just to drink, they are here for the whole thing.” In 2005 Brian Arnett and Wille Lehman founded Mountain State Brewing company in Tucker County. CATON: “Right now they are the largest brewing company in West Virginia. Grow our own hops, we use as much local as Mountain State Brewing Company is quickly becoming a prized jewel when it comes to the food scene in Harrison County. CATON: “They have expanded. We have a restaurant in Deep Creek, Maryland, Morgantown, West Virginia on the Whorf District and now our Bridgeport location in Harrison County.” Beer is definitely one of the specialties, including flagship beers from the Davis brewery. CATON: “Currently we have 24 total drafts, eight of which are dedicated to ours. Then we have 16 drafts that are all brewed in West Virginia.” CATON:”Use as much local products as we can for everything ….” The menu features hand-tossed wood-fired pizzas, a variety of sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts and so much more. CATON:”Corn beef reubens, sell really really well and our hummuses. We have two different hummuses. A garlic hummus and a roasted red pepper. And customers can’t seem to get enough. “They are friendly, they are promote with their service, and a good time.” “It has pizza and beer and I like the combination.” The open concept restaurant features a bar, private room, and patio. CATON: “Pretty soon as the weather gets warmer, and promise it will, our patio will open beautiful end to the day.” MARISA YOU’LL FIND MOUNTAIN STATE BREWING COMPANY AT CHARLES POINTE IN BRIDGEPORT. REMEMBER, YOU CAN REVISIT PAST STOPS ON THE RESTAURANT ROAD TRIP…AT WBOY.COM. MARISA WE’LL BE BACK WITH VERONICA AND THE FORECAST. DON PLUS: THE W-V-U MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM PREPARES TO TAKE THE COURT TONIGHT. MORE IN YOUR W-V-I REPORT. VERONICA DOMINATING HIGH PRESSURE SLIDES OFF