Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make Malai Kofta Malai Kofta is very soft like malai We add malai and paneer in it and become very soft So we called Malai Kofta Let’s start making Malai Kofta POTATO- 2 BOILED TOMATO- 2 ONION- 1 GARLIC- 5 TO 5 GINGER – SMALL CINAMON STICK- 2 AND BAY LEAF- 1 CLOVES- 2 NLACK PEPPER- 5 TO 6 GREEN CARDAMOM- 3 RICE FLOUR- 3 TBSP OIL AS NEEDED PANEER- 100 GM KASOORI METHI- 1 TBSP SUGAR – 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE RED CHILLY POWDER- 1 TSP CORIANDER POWDER- 2 TSP TURMERIC POWDER- 1/4 TSP KISMIS- 8 TO 10 BLACK PEPPER POWDER- 1 TSP FRESH CREAM- 2 TBSP CASHEW NUT- 2 TBSP AND BUTTER- 1 TBSP Let’s start making Kofta Add grated paneer into potato Add salt to taste Add black pepper powder and kismis If you want you can add kismis Add 3- tbsp rice flour Mix well Adding paneer kofta become soft You can use maida or corn flour instead of rice flour