Welcome to another episode of sarkeet. In previous episodes we saw the beauty of Belgrade and in today’s episode we are going to experience the countryside sceneries. We travelled almost 300 kms to the outskirts from Belgrade and saw the Serbia-Bosnia border separated by river Drina. We are standing in Serbia looking towards another country, Bosnia. There is a restaurant situated on the waterfall. Likewise we will see different landscapes of Serbia in this episode. Let’s watch the video. This a countryside motel. In the ground floor we have a restaurant and upstairs there are rooms available. Interiors are very beautiful. On the left side of restaurant, the portion is used to conduct small functions and gatherings. What we see in front is that area. They have decorated this part with lovely paintings, wooden furniture etc to give a cozy feeling. Room stay details are available in this noticeboard. Website details will be available in description. They arrange wedding parties also here. Going to the right side of entrance we can see the bar counter and kitchen space. That is our chef waving at us. They are very friendly staffs. This fireplace is functional during winters. They have kept a wine bottle on all the tables. That is a musical instrument. Decorations hav a vintage touch to it. The local time here is morning nine o’clock. They serve fresh farm produces like mushrooms and potatoes. This place is a must visit when you pass by. This is Drina River House view. It is small house in the middle of the river. While you drive by, you can stop and get a glimpse of it. We can reach the river house in a boat but currently it is not available. This is vrelo river or 365m river. As the name says, this river is only 365m long. We can see someone here swimming in the opposite direction. Found him interesting to include in this video. This is the part of the restaurant by the name Vrelo restaurant This river merges with Drina and a part of the dine-in area is right on top of the waterfall. Weather is very amazing with a pleasant breeze This is the waterfall and dining here gives a soothing experience to our mind. On our opposite side, we can see some houses and mountains which belongs to another country i.e Bosnia. if you look closely, you may see a tower and mosque. On the banks of river Drina that divides the two nations. We are standing in Serbia and watching Bosnia, the neighbouring country. I am standing on the terrace of a house. These houses are built in the bank of river Drina. There are small hills in the surrounding area. The sky is very clear and climate is warm today. Travelling by road, visiting Bosnia is a very good option when you are in Serbia. We are winding up today’s episode. If you liked the video, please like it. Also to receive all notifications on time, subscribe to it. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below. In next episode, I will take you on a train journey. See you next week. Bye.