– How would you like to increase
sales in your restaurant? Hi, my name is Anil Gunjal, and I run an ads agency here in town, and we specialize in Facebook ads. I’m gonna show you some of the content that I’ve done for other restaurants, and how it could help you,
and at the end of the video, I can tell you how you can
potentially work with us, but I just wanted to show you
the power of Facebook ads, even if you’re using Facebook ads today, we can potentially help you optimize on what you already might have in place. Hi, Anil here again. So what we found is with Facebook, you can get precise targeting, and we can target people, men and women, that have interest in
eating out or going out, and that are in radius of your
restaurant that are close by. We could do 10 miles. We could do 20 miles. 25 miles. Depending on what type
of clientele you serve, but if you look when
you run a Facebook ad, we can get specific to the zip codes. We can target age groups. And then we can target people that are interested in
dining out, eating out. Depending on your demographic. Do you have people that are
usually parents or single people or you might even have a
specialty that you’re going after. Maybe it’s a vegan or
gluten free or something. We can get deep down with that, with some of the analytics
that we get from Facebook. And as you can see this is
sample audience that I took at, and we would potentially
reach 30,000 people within that neighborhood that
are near your restaurant. So it’d be specific people
instead of just advertising to everybody or people that
might not be interested. So, once we have our audience, what we do is we create a
sample ad, something like this, and what we found in our research is that people definitely like free. Now, we have tried discount. Like 20, 30% off your bill, but we found that
something free works well. So, this is a sample ad that we would run. Hey I’m or hey Monroe residents,
or whatever the town is. XYZ, I’m the head chef here. I’m doing something crazy
to promote my restaurant. We’re giving away 25 glasses of wine with a purchase of an entree. Now, that necessarily
doesn’t have to be wine. That could be a dessert. It could be an appetizer. It could be something that they’ll get, and we’ll help you put
that offer together. We’ll discuss how that would work. And if somebody were to
click on something like this, they would go to a page
that would like this, where it would say, hey Monroe. We’re doing this special offer. We’re giving away 25 vouchers
for your glass of wine, and then they would click on this, and in here is where you
would get their name, address, and phone number. And what’s really even great about this, even better about this is now you’re capturing email addresses, and you will have a database of emails of people that are interested
in your restaurant. So they might not come in
for the free voucher now for the free wine but you
can continually send them some other offers, if you’re
having a holiday special, or you’re doing some kind of party, or some other type of promotion, or something new on your
menu, you can email them now. And we even try to capture
their phone numbers, ’cause we can then even
do a texting campaign, or an SMS campaign. So once they put their information here, they will go to this thank
you page as we refer to it, and we’ll them that their
voucher is in the box, but in their inbox, but they need to call VIP reservations right now
to schedule a reservation in order to qualify
for that glass of wine, or the free giveaway. So what this does is it
gives them some urgency, and they make sure they
call and make a reservation, and then we put a little timer in there, and we put where your restaurant is. Obviously we’ll update
this for your resident, and then what that does is it makes them make the reservation and they’ll come in, and that’ll definitely increase that. So that’s just one of the campaigns that we use that we could run for you. So something else we
wanted to show you was that as part of the service we do provide the setting up of the fan page, if you don’t have that already. If you do, we can just enhance that. And what we found is been a great increase of customer interaction
and customer satisfaction when we do some automated responses. So if you see like if somebody
comes to your fan page. I’ll zoom in a little bit so we can see. And basically what they can do
is they can click get started and when they get started they’ll say, hey welcome to the name
of your restaurant. It’ll say the cafe bot
is here to help you. We’ll let them know
that this is automated. So once they do click here,
they will get a welcome. Hi, the person’s name. Since I’m using this, Anil. Welcome to my cafe where
we focus on fresh food. It can go here. It could scroll through and get information about the restaurant. They can say tell me more. And the automated bot will
give them more information. For example here, hours. If they need directions. If they need directions
and they’re on their phone, what it’ll do is automatically
open up to Google maps, so they can get directions. If they want they can then go back up. Sorry my computer’s
running a little slow here. They can go back up here and
they can say tell me more. If they just wanna look
at your dinner menu, we can program where it comes
up with the dinner menu. You’ll see that it’ll
pop up here in a second. You can see we can put up a menu up there. They can look at the lunch menu. If they want they can even, there’s the salads,
there’s the appetizers, they’re showing me the apps. And we can sit down and say
figure out what you want there. They can even place an order, and it can go out to one
of your ordering sites. And that’s just something automated. You can call them through FaceTime if they have an Apple phone
or it’ll just dial them. But these are just some of the
things we can add and enhance to the services that we provide. So just wanted to show
you that piece also. So that was just a sample of something that we’ve run for another client. As I said, I’m an ad agency. I’m in town. I do this myself ’cause I’ve had success doing this for other clients before, and I’d be happy to work with you. If you’re interested,
we can set up a call. I could come in and visit you, and we could discuss this further. I’d be very happy to help you. Since I am doing this on my own, there is very few clients
I can take on right now. The max I can take on is five, and that’s not because I’m
trying to put any pressure, or do anything like that. It’s just the bandwidth that I have. I wanna make sure my clients are happy. We provide you with
reporting and et cetera, so you’ll understand where
you’re leads are coming from. So give us a call. Be happy to help you. And I’ll look forward to working with you. Thank you.