Hi, I’m Kristin Worth and I’m the general
manager of the Roaring Fork restaurant in Austin, Texas. And some important career decisions
that I’ve made in my life, well the first one was, my first job when I was sixteen as
a hostess in a restaurant, and I’ve worked in restaurants pretty much ever since. I decided
I wanted to make a career out of it about eight years ago. I got a job with the Four
Seasons hotel here and became their food and beverage trainer, and that’s when I kind of
saw that you can have a career, it’s not just needing to serve tables or, some people don’t
think of it as career. But I did leave the Four Seasons after receiving a degree in fashion
design, and I worked with Nordstrom, and after about a year there, I decided that I missed
the people and I missed the lifestyle. And so that was actually an important decision
that I made to help me really realize what I wanted to do with my life was actually changing
the career and realizing that you can make a living, you can be successful, it’s not
just a nighttime, weekend job. And so that’s when I started here, and I started here as
the assistant general manager, and I just worked my way up, and it just takes a lot
of loyalty and dedication. It also takes empathy, and you just have to be willing to serve and
know that nothing is beneath you. If our dishwasher doesn’t show up today, I’ll be the one washing
the dishes, so, you have to be able to do anything, and be willing to have that humility.
So, it’s definitely an important decision to make is that you’re able to do that.