Hey guys, Paul here again from Rapids Wholesale
reminding you that your guests “physical comfort” plays a huge roll in attracting
repeat business. You can spend an entire mint on your advertising
campaigns to get them in the door, you can wow them with your expertise, your service
and your quality, but if the ambiance isn’t quite right . . . or worse, what if the seat is so uncomfortable;
pinching their skin or making their foot fall asleep . . . they’re not sticking around
for desert are they and they may never return . . . that’s just like handing all of your
profit to the competition. Now consider this also: we live in the world
of social networking and blogging and with that comes “instant critiquing”. And word spreads faster than a grease fire
and can be just as damaging to your reputation. I’d hate to see your place get a bad rap
just because you haven’t replaced that torn cushion or maybe that wobbly table. Here at Rapids Wholesale we have a huge selection
of restaurant and bar furniture in all price ranges and styles. We have economic stackable
chairs and luxurious booths for a more intimate dining experience. We have super sturdy tables and check out
counters along with furniture sets for both indoor and outdoor dining. Guys we got it all, and on our ordering website,
when you click on the restaurant furniture tab, you will find our selection of restaurant
furniture divided into these simple categories. Now when you click on the restaurant seating
category you will find a large selection of bar stools, restaurant chairs and booths. Now this is also where you are going to find
an assortment of the highchairs and booster seats for your littlest clients as well as
folding chairs and racks and dollies for seating folks at your larger events and gatherings. Now under the Restaurant Tables category you
will find bar table kits with bases and table tops, or if you prefer you can order these
components separately. Here is where you will also find folding tables
and parts and accessories like replacement feet, wobble wedges and footrings. We offer complete table and chair furniture
sets under this category to save you both time and money. Everything you need is in
one simple click. Under the Counters and Display Cases category,
you will find our selection of display and showcases, cash stands, check out counters,
waitress stations, and furniture for convenience stores like fountain and condiment units,
storage and waste counter units are there too. And lastly, if you guys have a patio or a
deck you might want to check out the outdoor restaurant furniture category to see our inventory
of commercial outdoor tables, chairs and furniture sets, we also have patio heaters to help you
extend your outdoor service area’s usefulness further into those cooler months! All of this available for prompt delivery
from the foremost supplier of Commercial restaurant furniture, Rapids Wholesale. And should you have any questions about which
furniture would work best at your place, go ahead and give the experts here a buzz, or
click on our online chat, we’re here to help. And remember, at Rapids Wholesale, your bottom
line is our top priority!