I think the biggest thing in trying to
help our customers with the finance program or a lease program, is that they’re able to do it if they’re a startup company or a new company. If the transactions small, big, it doesn’t
really matter. If their credit’s great, if their credit’s not so
great, we have a lot of options for all that type stuff. The funding that TimePayment offers is
also a great aspect for our company. Basically, if we need
a fifty percent deposit from the customers who have special
order items stuff like that, TimePayment will prefund up to 50 percent of the payment. They also are very quick with, when the job is done, getting our payment out to our company, which helps us move on to the next customer. TimePayment’s helped us expand our
business in a lot of ways. We’ve been able to help customers that have come in and couldn’t afford to buy something. Now they can afford to buy it with the leasing programs or
the finance programs that TimePayment offers them. I would
definitely recommend TimePayment to other businesses to help their customers. They really manage to get the money
up front, and get bills paid, so that people can buy
what they need to buy.