CHRYSTAL AROUND TH EOZARKS … CHRYSTAL WITH NEW DEVELOPMENTS POPPING UP AT A HIGH RATE… THE CITY OF REPUBLIC IS GROWING, AND BECOMING ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SUBURBS OF SPRINGFIELD. OUR JESSE INMAN SPOKE WITH CITY OFFICIALS ABOUT *HOW* REPUBLIC HAS BEEN ABLE TO FLOURISH IN RECENT YEARS. (Jesse Inman Many ideas for the growth of Republic take shape here at City Hall on Main street, and the once-small town has seen a boom over the past few years. City Manager David Cameron says that progress has come in a number of ways. “One thing about the city that we’ve seen is that we’ve seen a lot of growth, and obviously that’s driven by — one I think what the economy is doing for us, but I also believe it was the opportunity where we made a transition in how the government did business. We made the processes easier for developers to come in and do work.” “We’ve began to do partnerships with development. So we did public-private partnerships where the city would partner on infrastructure and things of that nature.” Because of that, the city has seen an influx of people wanting to come and do business, and numbers are trending in the right direction. “This year alone, our building permits met last years numbers by the end of July. Last year was 18% higher than the year before.” They have expanded numbers in all areas. Industrial, commercial, and residential. “I think one of the big draws is our school system. I think a lot of it is just — we’re having a lot of people that are coming into our community because of that.” The addition of some new restuarants has been key, and Cameron thinks the future looks bright as well, with OTC set to be a big addition to the west side of town. “That’s been an area that has always struggled in Republic, and now to have OTC’s Republic campus over there is really going to help start to move economic growth over there as well.” “It’s exciting to grow, but I think what’s more exciting is we actually have a plan for moving that growth forward to sustain it, but also not to overwhelm the community with it as well.” CHRYSTAL IN ADDITION TO MANY OF IT’S NEW RESTURANTS, REPUBLIC WILL SOON HAVE A NEW GOLF COMPLEX, AND TALKS HAVE BEEN IN THE WORKS ON A NEW PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE OVER THE HIGHWAY… AND A NEW CITY HALL BUILDING. CHRYSTAL JUST WEST OF REPUBLIC IN BILLINGS TODAY… THE CITY HELD ITS 54TH ANNUAL BILLINGS