Turn the hose coupling nut counterclockwise
and release the coupling nut from the propane tank. Disconnect the hose from the manifold. Remove the cotter pin and release the hose
from the grill frame. Remove the pressure regulator. Clean the manifold fitting. Connect the hose to the manifold fitting and
tighten firmly. Connect the hose to the grill frame then reinstall
the cotter pin. Connect the hose to the propane tank. Tighten the hose coupling nut firmly. Open the valve on the propane gas tank. In a well-ventilated area, coat the manifold
fitting and tank fitting connections with a soapy solution. Look for bubbles that indicate a gas leak
on the fitting connections. If bubbles appear, shut off the tank valve
immediately. Tighten the leaking fitting connection. Restore the gas supply and retest for leaks. Continue the process until you find no connection