hey everyone and welcome to Phil
Phriday on this week’s episode we’re gonna get into renting a villa now this
is going to be specifically to st. Martin but the rules can really apply
anymore so let’s get into it the big thing really and don’t get me
wrong I’m not against hotels I’m not against resorts all for them they fit
the right person but sometimes you just want to feel like you’re in your own
house and that you can do what you would do at home so when it comes down to
pricing lots of times the price is really not
that different especially if you can fill the house always talk about fill
the house in a villa you can put two people in each room so when it comes
down to the overall cost and you think of the nightly cost it’s not as bad as
you might think actually fairly affordable and you’re
also getting added benefits that you wouldn’t get in a hotel some of those
added benefits are the privacy are the pool the ability to play music that you
want to play ability to cook and keep food in your kitchen and host meals out
on the vast patios and you know there’s no there’s no hours to a restaurant you
just get to be you they all come with grill two things grill out you can you
really feel like this is your second home and you can keep coming back year
to year and come back and it is like your second home or maybe even like the
area within so you can also move and try out different houses and see
which ones you like the best let’s get into the part that’s on everyone’s mind
pricing we will use a villa I am currently in to show the breakdown if
you are able to fill the house up entirely
this is villa cascades in Terres Basses on the French side of Saint Martin if you
break down the pricing at a per person per night rate it is as follows during
the low season which is mid-april to mid-december this house rents for a
thousand dollars per night so seven thousand dollars per week this sounds
expensive at first but let’s break it down the maximum amount of people you
can have in this home is twelve it’s a six bedroom villa so two people per room
one thousand dollars per night divided by twelve people is eighty three dollars
per night per person or five hundred eighty three dollars per week included
in this price is Airport pick-up concierge service six days a week of
housekeeping and access to the entire home including the game room pool area
and private tennis courts hotels on the island go for an average of 150 per
night which if you break it down per person at 2 people per room you’re
looking at $75 per night per person now obviously there are cheaper hotels but
you aren’t going to get the kind of privacy you can expect from your own
villa so at a fast comparison the pricing is very similar and it really
all comes down to what kind of vacation you’re looking for but renting a villa
shouldn’t be something you should think you can’t afford it that’s it for me
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