Prague is a beautiful city, historical city. Unfortunately, there are things things that destroy it for example graffiti, garbage, of a new things that is called a love lock. People by these locks on the street here for 20 EUROS and then they go to the Charles Bridge and hang it on there. Why? Please, if you want to show love to the city, do not destroy our cultural heritage by putting up your lock. Because, here’s a secret, it’s not going to be there forever. (music) People want to take the locks as souvenirs so here you go, if anybody wants to take a lock Try to, try to find your name. The chances that you’ll find your name are pretty high Souvenir form Prague. -Yes, but I can’t find my name. -Your name? (laughs) There was actually a case in Paris where they had so many love locks on one of these bars, that it actually collapsed. And this one, there’s a lot of them. I mean we probably cleared like 5%. And I can not lift it. So, it’s only a matter of time before this thing would collapse. So many broken relationships. I’m sorry. So that’s the last one, man. Or is it? No chance. Yeah, I think we underestimated our powers. But after 3 hours, we managed to cut all of these locks. Actually, this is what we got. Ugh. We need more people. So, we have this idea we can actually take these locks because they are metal into scrap metal and get some money for it, buy some more pliers, and finish cleaning the bridge. Well, good morning, we actually only got one extra friend to help us clean the bridge form the love locks. But, we do get extra pliers so if somebody wants to join us and help us clean this mess we’ll be more than happy. Let’s do it! 4 hours later and this is the result only on one piece because we were just unable to clean all the locks. Our hands hurt so much, you have no idea so this is a huge, huge respect to people who have to clean this every once in a while so please don’t think we are the only ones destroying love. We’re not. People do it regularly. so we just felt like helping them out and the money we get form the metal, we’re going to send it to some good causes. The main reason why we did this is because people not only put the love locks on these bars or on these fences but they put it on like historical places historical stuff, right on the bridge. Let me show you. So, that’s St. John Nepomuk, famous guy 5 stars above his head, that’s how you recognise him. But, people destroyed this little statue by putting love locks on it. This is what it looked like. So we cleaned it. 130 kilos of love locks on this. Why would people do that? So that is what set us up to, you know, clean it up. So people can touch it. Nobody knows why you touch it, because tour guides tell them to. We don’t know how much this is in weight but the previous time we were here yesterday, it was 222 kilos, spot on. So there are tonnes of metal, hanging on these bars So they need to be cleaned. So please, please, please I beg you I ask you. Ah, sorry sorry I’m sorry I’ll move but there are literally tonnes of metal hanging on these bars so eventually they would fall down. That’s hwy they need to be cut off. And, in terms of money, this lock in that street, costs 500 Crowns That’s 20 Euros. People, guys, there are better ways to spend your money than 20 Euros for a lock . Also, mankind has already invented something to lock your love. it’s called marriage. So guys please come to Prague but please, I kindly ask you, I beg you, respect it. Don’t put love locks, don’t do graffiti. look how it looks. This is all tourist work No somebody has to fix that. It’s horrible Leave Prague in a better state than you found it. Not the other way around. Because then there will be no Prague for you to seek and visit. Right, I’ll see you next week. And the Czech word at the end is “zameck”, a lock “zameck”, lock. Or a small one is “zamecek” small lock. “Zamecek” “zameck” “Zameck” “zamecek”