This is the ouija board that we found inside. I think it’s time to play the stranger things ouija board now What’s the matter? *(thump) Oh! Oh Bro, look at your neck look at your neck bro, dude. Oh and it turned back on! It changed channels! What is up fam welcome to another haunted adventure with your boy Omar. On my last video I showed you the Biltmore haunted hotel And I promised you that I would show you an overnight challenge and the most haunted room in that hotel if you missed that video It was awesome and go check it out. We explored this entire Historic haunted hotel, and it was a great great video here in front of me is room 316 The most haunted room in the hotel. Are you ready for this adventure? Let’s do this! 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Yo, you know it’s legit almost 3 o’clock in the morning on the dot I’m gonna show you around a little bit the reason why I had to make a separate video and not include it in the footage to My original video is because we’re gonna record lots of footage here in this room. This is a junior suite actually There’s a whole other side So I’m gonna show you in there Moe has brought that stranger things Ouija board that we found inside the tree at the cemetery I’m not really excited about playing with it I haven’t played with a Ouija board since I little kid, and I don’t know I just I feel really bad about Ouija boards But it wouldn’t be the first time that this room has seen a Ouija board Have been told that we Ouija boards were played here and conjured up some spirits You wanna play with it? I don’t want to play with it. No, I actually don’t. I’ll play with it. Don’t ya need two people or… (M) I’ve always played it alone. And no —‘s happened. I don’t know why people say you need two people. (O) Ok so Moe is gonna play the Ouija board. I’m not gonna play. I’m gonna film it. Okay should be an exciting video Let me know if you hear or see anything there might be some stuff that we missed throughout the editing I love when you guys go on my social media and Circle things that you’ve seen in my video you do it all the time And I love it. I don’t get to see every single one, but I do appreciate you, you heared that? bro who the heck is up at this time This is pretty uncommon in a hotel room It’s got like a like it’s own living room, which is really cool Shout out to the Biltmore because they really hooked us up here. I mean I wasn’t expecting This room to be this nice one. When they said that they were going to hook us up with the most haunted room Here in the Biltmore, I thought it was going to be like maybe on the 13th floor You know where Fanny Walsh was murdered the gangsters I said a little bit more history on my other video about that This was a very very popular hangout for gangsters But this room is where a lot of activity takes place in the middle of the night guests Have a run out of this room. I’m not sure why but we’re gonna find out This is a really really really nice bathroom as you can tell we got pretty comfortable already, got my phone charging over there Woah… This is really cool when you’re going caca You can say hi to mom, hi mom. I’m not sure why there is a phone here I’m giving birth! There’s not a lot to see here So let’s get right to the juicy part with Moe playing the Ouija board I actually have a very uncomfortable that a Ouija board is even in the same room With me. Guys are tired already huh? Bro, it’s been a long day See you can see right there look 3:01 the most haunted hour Here it is guys This is the Ouija board that we found inside What the — is that? Bro! Woah! Dude, turn the lights on. What the — Bro, really? Turn your light on. What the hell happened? Did that thing shut off or flicker? Dude, right when I grabbed this I don’t wanna I don’t wanna mess with that Oh! What the –… Dude that’s your freakin haunted little baby, doll too, what the hell Hey, I got you a friend to play with a Ouija board with Boardy. My friend James the other day was doing a livestream on a boardwalk and This doll he caught this on his live stream moving by itself This doll so I gave him that idea to name this doll boardy Dude, it’s flickering again Every time you mention the doll, it goes off *gasp Did it? Yeah This thing keeps flickering Alright, so look. I’m not gonna play the ouija board with you I mean I I’m pretty curious like some of the questions that we asked though, and Maybe maybe you could put Boardy there you can ask the ouija board what that thing is like where did Boardy come from? Look when Omar put the doll beside the ouija board And it started flickering already Look! Look! Look! ouija ouija are you there? Do you have any a…. (gasps from all of them) Ohh God… Oh my god this is like they said this is the most haunted room But you know they didn’t just say that Remember when they were telling us right when we checked in that the last couple that stayed here came running out and in their underwear Yeah, Bro…They were in their underwear, dude they can went running out of here (Gasp) Bro… (M) Dude! (O) what? (M) Look look look! (O)What what? The curtain literally just moved right in front of my eyes! That could just be the air though, but it moves a lot and now it’s moving a little bit like I swear I didn’t get it on camera because my light was in my face But I’m pretty sure I caught that on camera. I don’t know if I want to like even go to sleep tonight But we have to sleep, bro we have to sleep and leave the cameras on, let’s play the Ouija board now, and we’ll see what happens I guess. Alright my friends I think it’s time to play the stranger things Ouija board now you guys remember we found this in the haunted cemetery The same cemetery where I was possessed Something in that cemetery that Omar and I to that tree and we found this inside of the hole inside of the tree Dude, remember that branch fell? And the branch fell, yeah. The branch fell and it was right at that same tree where we found this. Bro, and all of you guys are tagging us in pics of a Black figure it was a black figure You’re right, if you guys see anything in this video make sure you tag us on Instagram and Twitter If there are any spirits, ghosts, demons, or anything Creepy of any sorts from the other world, please make yourself known in this place Is that really moving by itself? Are you moving that? Well put your finger on it James Touch it James Go on, touch it No. What’s the matter? Oh Bro, I don’t know what the — just happened. I’m not even making this up I feel like something just overcame overcame me, and I feel like I was stuck, and I couldn’t move. We should throw that away man… There was a banging like- Dude. I heard a bang like from the wall right here. Me too. But the problem is we’re like three stories up or maybe it was behind us? You think that neighbors are their neighbors, behind us? Bro, we’re like three stories up in the air, there’s no way. There’s nothing down there. Are you, okay, dude? I don’t know that was the weirdest feeling ever it felt like a cool it felt like I wasn’t in my body anymore it felt like I was watching myself. Do you like pausing? I thought oh really really calm. I was like waiting for you I thought you were like waiting for an answer or somethin’. I was literally looking at myself. It was like an out-of-body experience I’m not even joking. That’s called astral projection? I don’t know what it’s called, but my voice feels very very weird I coudnt even talk I was trying to scream, and I couldn’t even talk What the hell? You did look weird like you were frozen bro like completely frozen. Bro, I don’t honestly think we should even- But if it was Tom my boy, that did that? I dunno… Oh! Bro.. Gimme my camera…What the — Guys the second I said Tom my boy, this thing started flipping Hello? It got like real quiet in here… But what if I summoned some weird — demon or spirit in here right now? Look look look look It’s still flickering… Why don’t we ask maybe like questions to those lights? Okay um…I’m asking a question That was the weirdest feeling that I have ever experienced in my entire life. I felt like it was an out-of-body experience bro you want to move the doll away from you, ‘cus there’s a lot of people that are going to think th- Yeah, there’s a there’s a spirit attached to that doll too. That doll not only that, now I Got Tom fricking possessing me and sh- um.. Every time I say Tom, look Every time I say Tom that thing flickers I don’t even know why you want to even consider playing this after freezing up like that. I don’t feel like I’m in my right mind right now Um, I’m gonna keep going with the Ouija board, so I’m gonna ask it a question. What should I ask? Ask if it’s evil Okay Spirits of this hotel if you are evil, please let me know on the Ouija board One… Two… Three… *Gasp* What the — was that? Bro… Dude that just.. what the…dude what was that? Are you serious? Something just touched me. dude was that… that wasn’t you? Bro… (Moe freaking out in background) I don’t understand what just happened. Dude that thing just disappeared Where’d it go? Something literally just touched me… We found this in a cemetery oh we haven’t even messed with this Ouija board yet Bro, I’m not even joking, literally something just fricking touched me. What the hell wa- what the.. wait a minute did you just *gasps* Bro the tv just turn on the remote is right there What the — I’m like freaking out right now. I sure as.. Bro, what happened with that thing bro, that thing looked…You know where the planchette is? I can’t find it like it. It just like totally disappeared Mo just lost… oh it’s right there, it’s right there. There it is. *Gasp* There it is you guys. So.. did that.. what did you feel? BRO! look at your neck look at your neck, bro your neck is all scratched I I swear. Holy —… Guys my neck… Dude we’re like messing with some real demonic –right now. *Gasp* Look at my shoulder! Look at my shoulder Dude, let me see. Is that when you maybe fell? It could be from when I fell? Bro, dude look Rewind rewind a little bit. What exactly did you feel right now? As I was…as the Ouija board was moving by itself. Literally it felt like something just… What the… OH! it turned off! That turned off. Bro I just walked over here to grab the remote to turn this thing off, and as I walked, it just Turns off as I look at the t.v. Look, I just turned it on Everybody here has…look no body’s got a remote. Look my hands are free, Okay? Well still in my hand, there’s no reason why that’s it turn off right now Holy — dude. Oh, and it turned back on it changed channels… What the hell is goi…? Look look look! Look my hand my hands are free. His hands are free see? I’m not doing anything. How is that chang – I’m gonna drop the remote right there. Look, it’s still changing right now Bro, what the..? Holy –. It turned off. It turned off completely. I…Look at my neck! Guys now I understand why they told us that the last people that stayed in this room… they went running out of here. Yo, that’s.. I mean, I know this is freaking us out and everything, but I mean that’s really not that big of a deal It’s really not I mean you getting scratched and that happening that was that was pretty crazy – the fact that you got physically touched Is kind of freaking me out. You see my shoulder, bro it looks like there’s li… DUDE what the — look at that You got scratched really good. I know look at that. Yo, Ouija board? Fam? Goodbye, I’m sorry I messed with you And I’m sorry if… wait don’t you got to put it over there like Why don’t you ask one more question if nothing happens…? No no no bro.. Now, nothing’s going to happen. Nothin’ happens. Screw it, that’s it. That’s it. I don’t want anything to happen. I don’t wanna mess with this… Like the lights were flickering… Alright fam James, and I are getting ready to snuggle It is 3:30 in the morning not gonna mess around with the Ouija board I am Glad that we are not. Too much craziness has been happening in a short amount of time that we have been here I have a couple of cameras set up. I’m gonna have a camera aimed in this direction Because we’ve been seeing so much happen That’s where Moe got like I don’t know possessed or scratched. Did you get scratched here or over there? Where’d you get scratched? You just like ended up with that scratch, and I’m really blurry right now for no reason. Moe’s pretty tired man.. Moe’s pretty tired, I’m pretty tired too gonna try to monitor this whole room From multiple angles, throughout the whole night can’t r… *(Thump) Was that? I heard that, that came from the fricking ceiling… I thought that was you… The ceiling maybe there’s some neighbors That aren’t really liking us up there. It’s way too late man. Nobody awake or no I’m gonna go ahead and set up my camera and see if we can capture Anything crazy? Hope you’re ready for this… Hey..what’s up? Good morning fam Had a really good night’s sleep. I feel like I’ve been getting sick, so I needed that rest. I’m still a little Congested, but I’m the only one in bed still it’s about 11:30 Morning, you sleep all right? Yo, I slept like a baby. Literally, I have never had such a good sleep before in my life. Bro, what the hell happened to you? I’m like still freaking out about that. Is… you still got that scratch, it’s like gone.. But I slept like a baby. Did you? Yeah look, the scratch is completely gone almost… Yes, this room’s haunted, but once you go to sleep. I mean I didn’t really feel anything mess with me, I’m gonna have to look at our footage though to see if Something like touched us, or did you feel anything in the middle of night you say you slept good, right? I slept like a baby… Yeah, I slept pretty good, too. I’m gonna go ahead and start concluding this video I appreciate your watching if you haven’t already make sure to give this video a like Links will be in the description to my friend Moe Sargey and James the fam we created completely different videos at the hotel and Also, I mean we kind of created some other videos here in the room But you might find some different elements in all of our videos I do encourage you to check them out.. really sorry about my morning breath. I gotta go, but before ya leave gimmie kiss Peace.