[music] At Campbell’s Foodservice, we have a mission
of bringing real, delicious food to more people. And part of that is doing what’s needed to
bring the tastiests foods to life. Sometimes it’s finding new ways to bring
flavor out. Sometimes it’s bringing in ingredients,
like Sherry with complex flavor profiles. And sometimes it’s rethinking the way we do
things. Take our Signature Pouch French Onion Soup, for example. We designed that recipe to have caramelized onions,
like any Chef would in their own kitchen. But our production line wasn’t equipped for it. So we rethought, reinvented we rearranged and repurposed. We retrained the way we did things. And we did it all so that we can chop onions,
then caramelize them directly in the kettle. And this was all for one soup. This is part of our real food journey. Thanks for coming with us. [music]