Bananas to give Peter Just go on man, go on Alright, you can park here then we’ll go look for the principal She’s around there The girl, where we stay see Brodie’s girlfriend there Asha You have to tell Brodie to call me Give him my number when you go back Town? So now So when you go for the skate, now Oh, and just stay there No. I don’t want you to go to Port Royal No. That place, they See that place? I want you to go nowhere near there See Port Royal? Last time my bredrin came down they took everything out of his car Yeah Don’t go over there man That place is a pirate place because I don’t want you to go there and get … I don’t want you to go there because if you go there I’ll have to find somebody and shoot him myself Find the person and kill him myself The last time, my bredrin tells me and that guy was telling me they went there, and they left some money in the car They broke into the car Yeah, and the man still left it in there and the man left it in there After he realized he left it in there, he was like ‘Frig! Frig!’ And that’s why I’m telling you See, when you’re going back to rent this car again You know what you should do this trip? Get a Suzuki, so no-one can study you Because, if you rent a Suzuki when you rent a Suzuki, it’s better for you Oh! Remember the thing my father said you should give me Ten grand and don’t stop on your way I don’t want nothing to happen to you boy! Alright, this is gonna put on my service boy! Alright. Cool