Good morning! Every morning I get to go ATV roading! Candy getting ready to go out into the bug world. Gotta put some mosquito wipes on. So sexy hahaha. Sexy putting that mosquito repellent on! Get it girl. Smells gross. This is our living room. It’s kinda outdoors too. It’s like half outdoors and half indoors. Ooohhh nice weather today. So in here is Candy’s room. This is the second floor. I always gotta shut the door because bugs come in. There’s a nice shower. We get two shower heads. And two faucets. I love big sinks. So yeah, this is the cute bathroom. And they have everything organic. Organic shampoo, organic lotion, organic soaps so if you’re into organics, they got it here. The top floor bedroom. My room! Crystal already made her bed. I did. The bathroom’s the same. Everyone’s bathroom. Oh but I got this thingy here Oh yeah. She has a little bit of an upgrade. And then there’s the balcony out there with great views. There’s the Whale’s Tail beach over there. Whooooo! What up!? Just got to this waterfall. It was kinda of a scary drive because you have to go through really narrow roads up and down the hill She had to drive through a river! Yes! That was so cool. And then we saw a horse! And a horse!