Hey everyone! Greg from CARiD.com and
welcome back to the shop! And in today’s video I’ve got our Chevy Silverado
in here with a set of step bars on it that I just
had to share with you. They are built and designed by the team over
at Ranch Hand. And these are their wheel to wheel 3 inch round step bars. Now I have reviewed a bunch of Ranch Hands
products in the past and I really loved them all. But from all different products that they
offer I never got my hands on the set of their step bars until now. And so far I’m really impressed. Ranch Hand is known for building high quality truck parts that are built to
work and these step bars – are no exception.And to ensure these step
bars live up to Ranch Hand high expectations they manufactured them out of tough and durable 3 inch steel tubing for the main bar and 1.5
inch steel tubing for each drop step. Ranch Hand also uses 12 gauge Steel plate with a drilled diamond
pattern over each step and the entire bar is coated in a gloss black powder coat. And the only downside is this gloss black
finish is the only one that they offer for this step bar. Personally, I would like to see it coated in a matte black or textured
powder coat. Something that seems a little bit more durable. Now when it comes to styles for this step
bar – Ranch Hand is only going to offer you two – your standard step bar which incorporates
a drop step at each door of the cab or the wheel to wheel
option like the one we have Bolted up to our Silverado.Now there is certainly
nothing wrong with the standard option.But I really like
this wheel to wheel bar. If you are the kind of person that uses you
truck day in and day out hauling cargo in and out of the bed that third step can really make life a lot
easier. So at this point of the video now its time
to talk about the installation. The good news is – this Ranch Hand Wheel to
Wheel Step bar is easy to install. All of the new brackets and hardware will line up right to the factory holes on the
back side of the rocker panel with no drilling or cutting
required. Give yourself about an hour to get this bolted
up to your truck If you have a friend to give you a hand – it
will take even less time. Well guys, that’s going to wrap up my
review today of Ranch Hands Wheel to Wheel Step Bars. So if you are looking for a rugged heavy duty step bar – head over
to CARiD.com now to check out these Ranch Hand Bars
and the slew of other great accessories that they offer. And as always – I’m Greg from CARiD.com
and I will see you guys next time.