Wah, We’re going to have something for lunch~! School Cafeteria! I’m going to have ramyun!(Instant Noodles) Today’s menu is ramyun. Again, today’s menu is ramyun. But, it’s not just ordinary one, it’s with cheese and rice cake. We call it ‘Full-option’ -풀옵션 How much is this ‘Full-Option?’ 3,200 won. 3,200 won? Cheese. Ya~ I’m so excited. It doesn’t look tasty. Although it doesn’t look tasty, it’s actually great. We Koreans never live without Kimchi~ Noodles~ Yummy! Rice Cake~ Rice~ Pickled radish~ I almost finished it already. Soup~ Wah, the food was fantastic. It’s a exciting day~~~~~~~! undefined