(motor revving) – [RCSparks] All right, you
wanted some nighttime action. You got it. (motor revving) Dark, dark, dark. (motor revving) (chuckles) (motor revving) Look at that light. Wow. (motor revving) (laughing) (motor revving) You guys wanted a shot of it in the dark. Well it is snowing and I figured to top it all
off we would do this video. That light is blinding when
it shoots right at us, crazy! (motor revving) (laughing) (motor revving) What a machine! (Motor revving) I had to turn the light up to full here, because there was only so long I could watch a truck in the dark. (Laughs) Woohoo! You see my puppy, keep going! She does’nt mind that its only 30 degrees Fahrenheit out right now. (motor revving) (laughs) Oh and, oh totally end
over end and I missed it! (motor revving) Everybody wondered about
this breaking off the roof. Maybe one day. I bolted it right into the cage though. (motor revving) Come on, girl! I know you wanna chase it! (laughs) Don’t get run over by it. (motor revving) Got my TMR Performance Engine on the way. I gotta say this one has
been breaking in so nicely. Truly a winter wonderland right now. (motor revving) Yeah, baby! People are waiting for me
to take out the Traxxas Maxx Me too! Look at this way too cold, it would snap. (motor revving) (wind blowing) (motor revving) Yeah! (laughs) (motor revving) Those snow drifts are amazing. Now the cut off button
is right on the radio. Everything’s good. Maybe the choke moved on me? Did it, did it, did it? It did not, let me see here. (engine spluttering)
Come on, baby. Did I switch it off? No, it says good to go, (motor splutters)
come on. I must have put the choke on. (Grunts) Okay, there. (motor revving)
Ah! I know exactly what happened, it is so cold out that
the exhaust melted snow and I bet you my throttle
cable is totally stuck open. Too funny! That’s how you know it
is cold outside, guys. Hoo, I can see my breath today! I’m surprised because basically this truck takes the breath away. So there you go, guys,
it is freezing outside, I’m gonna take the Primal RC inside, warm it up after a night and a day of having some fun out here. Hope you enjoyed the video. We’ll see you in the next
episode of RC Adventures. Now get outside and enjoy RC! You know I always do.