This is chicken chops.., we can also make chops fry with this This is mutton brain.. This is country chicken liver… mutton intestine….. we fry this and give also egg can be put and fried mutton kothu kari country chicken chukka we dont use boiler chicken This is country chicken gravy… This is country chicken chops gravy This is country chicken chukka gravy.. This is leg piece pepper fry This is chicken leg chops Mutton chukka pepper fry we started this hotel in the year 1970 First we were near the bus stand, we moved to this place in the year 98 It was started by my father…. we open at 5.30 pm and close at 10.30 pm we are closed on sundays What are all the items available here? mutton , chicken, mutton intestine, mutton head curry, mutton brain, quail dosa, onion dosa, garlic dosa, tomato dosa, egg dosa, parota, bun parota, veechu parota, kothu parota we prepare our own masala’s…. we dont use packet items chicken chops is 140/- chicken chukka, mutton chukka, mutton intestine, mutton head curry, mutton brain curry all these items are 100/-rs quail is 140/-