– One minute, everything’s great and fine –
the next minute, there are police everywhere, all over the bar and people are just being
grabbed and taken out. He grabbed the guy in front of me, grabbed him by the shoulder,
turned him around, told him that he was drunk,
put him in zip tie handcuffs and then dragged him off in front of me. – They were taking someone out and they
were taking another person out, and they were slowly
taking people out. – I mean, people were just scrambling. – Lots of confusion on what was going on. – You would think that almost they had a really bad night and this was going to be the end of it and they were going to take out all their
aggressions right here, on this group of people. – They had a young man pinned up against the wall. They took him to the ground, face-first. – They were all jumping on his
limp body with their knees and elbows in the back of his neck. – I had actually never seen violence like that in person before. – We were afraid. You know, are they gonna attack more people? Are they gonna target more people? – Those officers took something from me I may never get back. They took my sense of safety and security, and they had no right to do that. – And it was offensive to us, to suggest that it’s our fault that the violence was used against us. That we’re making sexual advances and we groped an officer and we were
dealt with accordingly. – It sickened me because that’s the “blame the victim” mentality. – We need to do something. We need to do something today. – It was very clear
from all the positioning of the Mayor and the Fort Worth Police Chief, that they wanted nothing to do with what happened at the Rainbow Lounge. Our goal was to stand up for ourselves as a community. [aggressive music] [crowd chants] – I think this tragic event has created and will create so much wonderful change in the community. – These are things that have all began because of this incident. – I hope that at
some point, at the very least, we learned something. [inspirational music] – We as a city, have recognized that we
have some shortcomings and we’re stepping out to address those. [applause] [inspirational music] – I mean, nothing you can do to change
what happened. I probably won’t ever forget about it.
[crying] But, we just need your
help to move on. [sobbing]