Hi, Kevin McKillop here from FreedomTtarget.com.
Today I want to talk to you about QR codes. In this video, I’m going
to show you exactly what a QR code is and how you can use them and how they
actually work from an end user’s standpoint. What QR code stands for
is Quick Response, so QR code. What it is it’s very similar to a bar code.
We’re all familiar with we go to the grocery store and the cashier scans
an item through, and it picks up the bar code on a particular item. Now those
are all done, Universal Product Code is what it stands for. A QR code is a little bit more versatile,
and it allows you to store essentially any kind of information that you
like. Typically, the most popular use is currently right now that you’re
going to start seeing is it’s a way to display a website URL, to take
somebody for further information. Let me show you an example of what a QR code
is here. I’ve printed off two QR codes. You can go to any website. There
are all sorts of QR code generation tools online. Just run them right
from a website. I’ve created two here. The first one here at the top will take you
to my blog, FreedomTarget.com. The second QR code here is set up to go to
my Facebook page. I’ve just gone to a website, I’ve created these, and I’ve
printed them off. I would put these things on business cards, table tents
if you’re in restaurants, brochures, even on product material. You’ll
start to see a lot of vineyards, a lot of wine bottles have these
codes on them. What I can do here is I’m going to take an
application that I’ve downloaded from the App Store, and that was free. This
one’s called Bakado or something like that. There’s a whole pile
of them, and they’re all free. I’ve got the app running here, and I’m going
to simply scan the bottom one here. Right away it has picked it up. You
heard the beep. Now it shows the URL to my Facebook page. Now I click the button
Open URL, and I am now at the page. Some scanners behave a little bit differently.
I can show you another scanner here. I’ve got one here just called
QR Scanner. Let’s just say I see a billboard or I see a brochure, and rather
than sitting fumbling with typing a web address in, I’m simply going
to scan it. I’m going to go to Freedom Target. So I’m going to scan this
one here. Get the light out of the background, and automatically I am now
going to the Freedom Target website. Now it’s very important, though, that these
QR codes, if they’re going to take somebody to a website, that it takes
them to a mobile optimized website. Just sending somebody to your page,
if you’re using Blackberrys, Androids, iPhones, very small screens and
it becomes a pain to navigate. A small tip there for QR codes when landing
on a page. That’s how simple it is to use these QR codes.
You’ll start seeing them. I’ve seen some. There’s a new condo development
here in my area, and they’ve got a big sign out front. I’m talking
a big, huge, huge, huge billboard, and right at the near bottom of
it is quite a large QR code. If I was walking by and I wanted to find out
more information, rather than pulling my phone out, trying to open up the
browser, and going to the URL, I can simply hold my phone up, scan that code,
and off to the website I go. You can also do a number of things like put
address information, you can send text messages and email messages. There
are a number of different uses of it, but it really depends on the application
that you have about whether it will understand what to do with the text.
Typically, the most popular one you’re going to see is going to be URLs. If you’re going to use these, make sure they’re
big enough so that they can be picked up by the camera. I’ve seen a few
instances where the printed QR code was too small, and when it’s too small,
you sit there fumbling, fumbling. Literally 30 seconds had gone by,
and I really wanted to see what was on the other end of this, but most people
would not give it 30 seconds. So 30 seconds had gone by, and it hadn’t scanned.
If it had been printed a little bit bigger, it would have scanned very
quickly. Next thing is to simply make sure that the
URL, as I mentioned, it goes to a mobile landing page. There’s more information
on my blog about QR codes, mobile marketing, general marketing, and if
you just Google “QR codes,” there are countless, countless sites available,
tools to generate the codes, and you simply print them and do whatever
you like with those codes. These I simply generated those two images,
I downloaded them, I’ve printed them, I throw them in a name tent, and now,
if this were something like a restaurant or if I was at a convention and
I had my own little booth, I would just put this right on the table there,
and anybody walking by could quickly scan, and it will take them to a page
that might have a newsletter opt-in. It could take them, like this example,
take them to the Facebook page. Hope that helps.