(techno music) – Well, welcome to the Al
Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport. Absolutely fantastic facility. I will give you a tour around and you can make up your own mind. Meanwhile, Diet Coke ’cause
it’s still quite early. (techno music) One of the most amazing
things about this lounge is the water feature behind me. I don’t know if you can
see the drops of water, they’re actually coming from
beneath rather from the top. It does sometimes make it look as though the water’s dropping from the ceiling. Still along with the
staircase, the two floors, the fantastic food, it’s quite a facility. (techno music) And away from that main area where the water feature is
there’s also quieter areas such as this one where you
can actually just sit down and get away from the high ceilings. And actually if there
is some natural light have a look out of the window as well. (techno music) There are plenty of
screens around the lounge to make sure that you
don’t miss your flight. But do bear in mind that they don’t make flight announcements, ’cause they’d be doing them every couple
of seconds I suppose. What you can do is look
at the screens on the wall but they also have these devices which are kind of like massive iPads. Then you can do a search
facility or just simply look which one is your flight. (techno music) Always find a bit of peace and quiet if you look for it. (techno music) The lounge has pretty much everything. We’re in the games room, there’s more than one games room. You can see they’ve got
table football, various electronic games and then next
door is a business center. So, you can always dump the kids in here and actually get some work done next door. Just in case you think it’s all about high-end leisure, here’s
the business center. They’ve got everything
here as well as computers they’ve also got printers
that can be used. (techno music) Okay, so that’s the tour of the lounge. Now, I don’t wanna give
anyone a false impression I’ve been through this
lounge many many times and it is one of the best
lounges I think in the world, certainly best business
class lounges in the world. But it does get very very busy. Right now it’s sort of
between half past 10 and 11 o/clock on a Thursday morning, and I have never ever seen it this empty. The reason is of course that
there are banks of flights that go out of here and this
is between one of those banks. So, that’s why I could
walk around with a camera. Normally I wouldn’t have even attempted it because there’s just too
many passengers in here. It never gets uncomfortably crowded, but certainly for things like the showers, there’s certainly a
waiting list for those. I remember one time I had to wait 30 minutes, 40 minutes for a shower. Not a disaster if you’ve got
a two or three hour layover. And also for the food and beverage, you know there can be, not queues but certainly it’s a busy time. But then that’s because
it’s a growing airline and it’s nice to be able to show you this lounge when it’s
empty and you can see it all cleaned and sparkling ready for the next bank of passengers. I hope you found it
useful, and we’ll one day get in the first class lounge.